Keep the dream alive this Christmas...

Christmas Appeal: December 2017
With a grateful heart, I say thank you to the Foundation and its supporters for bringing me from Switzerland to Perth and giving me the chance to lead the Laboratory. It is with some sadness, that I announce that I have come to the end of my time as the founding scientist of the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (Inc.) (CLCRF) Laboratory.

During these 34 years, I have been struck by one word to describe the effects of infant cancer: AGGRESSIVE. Cancer in children is not the same as adult cancer. An adult cancer patient may experience five to 30 years of life lost due to cancer and its treatments. A child diagnosed with cancer may lose 67 years of life through cancer and its treatments.

By giving $50 you can lessen the loss of life a child with cancer faces.


Robbie's Story

TAX Time Mailer: June 2017
When you hear the name ‘Robbie Williams’ most people will picture the international singing sensation, or more locally the man whose family received a renovation rescue to their home. We are writing to you to share the story of Robbie Williams the dad, who had to hand over his role as protector for his own child to another. A dad who was forced to learn that sometimes the bravest thing you could do for your child is to step aside and give control and trust to a stranger.

It was in January 2014 that Robbie and Courtney Williams’ young family’s lives were turned upside down when they were told their youngest daughter, Maddie. had a tumor one quarter the size of her body inside her. She was only 8 months old. Read more to find out how you can help…