Our 40th Anniversary

May 2020

Dear Foundation Supporter,

This year is a very special one for the Foundation as it marks our 40th anniversary of raising funds and awareness for childhood cancer research. We are so proud of the ground-breaking work that the Child Cancer Research Foundation (CCRF) has helped fund over the years, but there is no denying that there is still so much work to be done.

Even though there have been great advancements in treatments for children, the rate of childhood cancer in Australia is only expected to rise over the next 25 years. The Australian Childhood Cancer Registry predicts that, by 2035, the rate of childhood cancer will reach a whopping 1060 cases per year.

The increase in childhood cancer rates in Australia are a huge cause for concern and the devastating truth is that many of these children will not survive. In our milestone year, we want to do everything we can to help reduce the rate of new cases and improve the outcomes for future generations. For this, we rely on the generosity of our incredible supporters.

5895ce87cba9841eabab606cAustralia has one of the highest rates of childhood cancer in the world, with an average of 750 children diagnosed each year. With these numbers expected to rise considerably, we need to act now to help the future generations of children.

CCRF started from humble beginnings by Peter Harper, a very determined father whose daughter Jennifer was diagnosed with leukaemia in 1977. With the help of other parents of children with cancer, Peter set out to raise funds and help ensure other families didn’t have to go through the same tragedy that he did when Jennifer sadly lost her battle.

Peter was determined to not let his daughter’s fate be the only outcome for children diagnosed with this deadly disease, and this remains at the heart of the Foundation. We will not stop fighting until children with cancer are assured more effective and less invasive treatments so they can go on to live the healthy lives that they deserve.

5895ce87cba9841eabab606cOur supporters have helped us achieve so much over the past 40 years and we rely on this continued support now more than ever. By making a donation today, you can give hope to so many children and families who are suffering through these devastating diseases.

Through the research that our supporters have helped fund over the years, we have been thrilled to see survival rates increase. Before the Foundation began, it was recorded that only 20 per cent of children with cancer survived. This has since improved to 80 per cent for some forms of cancer.

As encouraging as these figures may seem, there is still more work to be done to help children with more difficult forms of cancer. Some cancers, such as brain tumours and neuroblastoma, still have survival rates as low as 50 per cent.

Sadly, many children will also have to fight other battles, even long-after they’ve overcome cancer, due to the negative side-effects of the intense treatments they’ve endured. It’s common for children to be affected by learning difficulties, abnormal growth, vision problems, fertility issues and heart problems.

A tax-deductable donation to CCRF will go towards finding better treatments to give more children the chance to grow up and live fulfilling lives.

As we look forward to all the work still to be done in childhood cancer research, we do not want to undermine all that the Foundation has achieved over our 40 years. We pay gratitude to our astonishing researchers, most notably Professor Ursula Kees who dedicated 34 years of her life to childhood cancer research after joining the Foundation in 1983.

We also offer our thanks to Chairman Geoff Cattach, a Founding Member of CCRF who has a very personal connection to the cause. After Geoff’s two sons were diagnosed with cancer in the early 1980s, he became actively involved in fundraising and his enthusiasm and devotion has never faded.

Making this year even more special, our Patron Justin Langer is celebrating his 20th year with the Foundation. With his role as international sportsman, together with the esteem held by the community at large, Justin has been instrumental in raising awareness for childhood cancer research over the years.

You can help us pay tribute to those who have devoted themselves to the Foundation by making a donation today. A donation will help continue funding what they have set out to achieve so many years ago.

We would like to send our sincerest thanks to all of our wonderful supporters for helping us continue our important work. Whether you’ve been with us for the past 40 years or have only joined us recently, we so appreciate your support.

By supporting us through our milestone year, you can help us ensure the funding of vital research into childhood cancers can continue for many more years to come. As we do not receive State or Federal funding, it is the generosity of our supporters that we rely on the most.

Many Australian families are facing the tough reality of a child with cancer and with new childhood cancer cases on the rise, we need your support now more than ever. Help us ensure better outcomes for future generations by making a tax-deductable donation today.

Thank you,

Andrea Alexander, CEO

If you have recently donated, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.