CLCRF ride with BJR

Source: Brad Jones Racing – Thurs, 15 October 2020

Brad Jones Racing is proud to support the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation at the Bathurst 1000.

CLCRF is a Western Australia charity that is close to both team owners, Brad and Kim Jones, hearts. BJR will carry the charity’s emblem on the B-Pillar of Nick Percat & Thomas Randle’s Supercar to raise awareness for this extraordinary charity.


Grab a burger and support childhood cancer research!

CLCRF has been selected to participate in Grill’d Subiaco’s Local Matters initiative this month!

Local Matters is the Grill’d community donation program that began in 2011 as a way for the restaurant to give back, help strengthen, and support the communities that have always supported them.

Each month, in every Grill’d restaurant, there are three jars representing three different community groups for customers to support. With every burger ordered, a Local Matters token is handed over for customers to drop into the jar of their choice.

At the end of the month, $500 is split between the community groups, with the jar with the most tokens receiving a $300 donation and the other two each receiving a $100 donation.

We would love your support in receiving the $300 donation! All you need to do is head to Grill’d Subiaco before October is over and pop your Local Matters token into our jar when you order a burger.

It’s a simple (and delicious) way to show your support for childhood cancer research!

Start making change!

When it comes to recycling, Western Australians have the chance to make real change. Containers for Change is a WA recycling scheme that lets you cash in eligible containers for 10 cents each.

The mission of this wonderful initiative is to increase recycling and reduce the number of drink containers that litter our environment. In WA, we use more than 1.3 billion eligible drink containers each year; enough drink containers to line a path from Perth to Broome 42 times!

Not only does Containers for Change aim to help the environment, but it also aims to provide benefits for community groups by providing supporters with an easy way to donate their container refunds.

CLCRF are thrilled to be a part of this initiative, which gives you the exciting opportunity to support childhood cancer research AND the environment. All you need to do is go to your nearest refund point and quote our Containers for Change Scheme ID when returning your containers.

Our Scheme ID is C10285275

With over 200 Containers for Change refund points, there is sure to be one near you! You can find your local refund point by heading to





Riders pumped for 600km trek to aid cause

Source: Busselton Dunsborough Times – Mon, 5 October 2020 9:25AM
Author: Catherine MasseyBusselton Dunsborough Times

Determined bike riders are pumping up their tyres ahead of this month’s South West Bike Trek, a 600km journey between Perth and Augusta. The 15 riders will set off from South Perth Foreshore on October 11, with hopes of raising $40,000 for the Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation.

Trek co-ordinator and foundation member Eric Maddock has been involved in the event for the past 12 years after his great-niece was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of four. Mr Maddock said the treatment and support she received left him with an overwhelming sense of wanting to “pay it back”.

Australia has one of the highest occurrences of childhood cancer in the world, with 600 children diagnosed every year, and the trek has raised almost $700,000 for the foundation since its beginning 18 years ago. The trek is conducted at a leisurely pace, encouraging riders to work together to ensure each other’s wellbeing.

Foundation head Kylie Dalton said the foundation would have been heavily affected if the trek was cancelled this year.

“The trek is our biggest fundraising event each year. Having the community riders who get involved and do this type of ride, it means more than just the fundraising, it allows those riders to continue to share our stories along the way.”

Schools were encouraged to support the riders through gold-coin donation days, and event organisers have called on the public to “adopt a rider” to assist with fundraising efforts.

The nine-day trek will conclude in Augusta on October 17. To adopt a rider, visit

South West Bike Trek 2020

Source: 97.3 CoastFM – 2 October 2020

On Sunday 11th October, The South West Bike Trek begins in Perth and finishes in Augusta on Saturday, 17th October. The event will involve 15 mature aged riders, who will make the 600km trek to raise money for the Children’s Leukemia & Cancer Research Foundation (CLCRF).

The South West Bike Trek is the biggest purely volunteer run fundraising event for childhood cancer in WA and since it started in 2002, has raised close to $700,000 for CLCRF.

This year, organizers are calling for the public to “adopt a rider” in an effort to assist the fundraising efforts of the 15 incredible riders who have signed up for the challenge. Due to COVID-19 severely impacting the riders’ ability to fundraise, schools are also being encouraged to support riders by holding gold coin donation days.

It’s such a wonderful event that almost never happened this year due to COVID-19 and they’d love to get the word out about this incredibly important event.

There are a number of riders from Mandurah and surrounds involved in the trek as well!

The 2020 South West Bike Trek is expected to follow the below schedule:

Day 1 Sunday 11 October – South Perth to Fairbridge
Day 2 Monday 12 October – Fairbridge to Preston return
Day 3 Tuesday 13 October – Fairbridge to Harvey
Day 4 Wednesday 14 October – Harvey to Bunbury
Day 5 Thursday 15 October – Bunbury to Busselton
Day 6 Friday 16 October – Busselton to Margaret River
Day 7 Saturday 17 October – Margaret River to Augusta

For more information about the event, head to:
To donate to and support a rider, head to:

Riders excited for 2020 trek

Source: Bunbury Mail – September 30 2020 – 10:29AM

WA’s premier charity bike ride is back for its 18th anniversary when 15 riders take to the road on October 11.

The trek will see the riders travel 600 kilometres from Perth to Augusta in the hope of raising $40,000 for the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (CLCRF). After cycling through some WA’s most spectacular roads the riders will finish in August on October 17.


South West Trek to raise money for childhood cancer

Source: Busselton Dunsborough Mail – September 30 2020 – 10:29AM

WA’s premier charity bike ride is back for its 18th anniversary when 15 riders take to the road on October 11.

The trek will see the riders travel 600 kilometres from Perth to Augusta in the hope of raising $40,000 for the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (CLCRF). After cycling through some WA’s most spectacular roads the riders will finish in August on October 17.

The event has been organised once again by South West Bike Trek coordinator and foundation member Eric Maddock, with the help of local Lions and Rotary Clubs. There are a range of riders from Mandurah, Harvey and Bunbury taking on the challenge.


WA charity bike ride hopes to raise $40,000 for Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation

Source: MICEBTN – Wednesday 23 September 2020

Western Australia’s charity bike ride is back for its 18th anniversary, with 15 riders set to make the epic 600km journey from Perth to Augusta in the hope of raising $40,000 for the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (CLCRF).
This year’s trek will begin on Sunday, 11 October from Sir James Mitchell Park, South Perth foreshore, with riders travelling across some of the most spectacular roads in WA before winding up in Augusta on Saturday, 17 October.


Well-deserved praise for CLCRF volunteer!

Long-time supporters of CLCRF may have seen Jonelle volunteer at one of our many events over the years. She has been a very loyal supporter of the Foundation, and, during our 40kin40days campaign, we were thrilled to see Jonelle receive the praise and attention she deserves.

With a number of extremely heartfelt and moving nominations, Jonelle was chosen as the very deserving winner of a brand-new trailer full of half a tonne of firewood. This incredible gift was kindly donated by GT Fabrications and Giovanetti Firewood Bunbury.

Each nominator commended Jonelle as an amazing and strong woman who has experienced her fair share of adversity. Jonelle lost her husband to pancreatic cancer 3 years ago and has been raising her two teenaged children alone. Jonelle’s youngest child is autistic and requires continuous attention and she is also a constant support for her mum, helping her with many of her daily chores.

“She is a selfless person that gives endlessly to others,” said one nominator. “She is dedicated to her family and friends and is constantly giving to others and receiving very little for herself.”

“I admire her strength and courage and the hard work she does for her family,” said Jonelle’s sister. “She gives her all and I think it’s time someone gave to her because she never treats herself.”

Reading through the nominations, it was not only apparent that Jonelle deserved a gift, but it also became obvious that this was well and truly the perfect gift for her.

“She does all the jobs around the house, continuing to do renos on her own, building brick walls, fences, tiling bathrooms and gathering firewood every winter in an old rusty trailer that is about to have the base full through,” said Kristy.

“Her trailer is now in a total state of disrepair and is almost unable to transport goods to and from her house… she is too proud to ask and unable to pay for help,” said another nominator.

We are so excited to be able to provide Jonelle with a new trailer and see her get the recognition she deserves. It is stories like Jonelle’s that has made our 40kin40days campaign such a success, where the main goal was to spread kindness and bring joy to those who could really use it.

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