Kindness at heart of kids cancer campaign

Source: Post Newspapers, May 30 2020 – page 68

To mark its 40th anniversary the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation has launched the 40K in 40 days initiative, having connected with 40 businesses to provide gifts to those most deserving. Each gift, valued from $500 to $5000, and its associated busi-ness, will be featured on one of the 40 days of the campaign until June 30 on the campaign website and social media. Visit and nominate someone worthy of receiving a particular gift, creating a circle of kindness.

While 40Kin40days was originally planned to be a fundraising campaign, the current climate has forced the foundation to change, with the charity pivoting to have the K now stand for Kindness and pay it forward to their supporters instead.

“We’ve had to make a lot of changes with our celebra-tory year because of what is happening around the world, including making the hard decision to cancel all pre-planned campaigns and celebrations, because it just didn’t seem right to ask for money from our supporters.” Kylie Dalton, head of develop-ment for CLCRF, said.

Subiaco-based CLCRF has spent the past 40 years raising funds for childhood cancer research. It understands the effect isolation can have on families – working with many to tell their stories about repeatedly needing to spend months on end in hospital away from their extended family and friends.

The 40Kin40days initiative also aims to help support the donating businesses, with each of the 40 days dedicated to showcasing one business per day.

CLCRF patron and Australian cricket coach Justin Langer said: “I have enjoyed being a patron for CLCRF for the past 20 years and I’m really excited about the 40Kin40days campaign. I see this as being a great way to support those who re-ally need it. I hope you all get behind it too.”

Log on to, choose one of the gifts, then submit a nominee, explaining why that person needs or deserves the chosen gift. Monetary contributions are welcome but the main purpose of the campaign is to create the circle of kindness and help people in need. Businesses able to donate a gift should contact CLCRF on 9363 7400.