40k in 40 days

Fantastic you’re here! Now read on to discover how you can WIN some incredible gifts.

It’s our 40th Anniversary of funding childhood cancer research right here in WA and we’ve gone a little bit mad! Instead of doing the standard fundraising campaign we’ve flipped our celebration on its head. We’re giving you the GIFTS… How cool is that?

What was to be our inaugural 40Kin40days fundraising campaign has become our Circle of Kindness.

The goal – To support those businesses who have tirelessly supported us over the past 40 years by connecting them to you. In return they have generously donated ‘gifts’ that we can offer our incredible supporters. You can view the gifts here.

It’s really so simple to WIN with this Circle of Kindness, all you have to do is nominate somebody you think deserves one of the incredible gifts that are listed on the gift page.

Once you have nominated someone, head to our Facebook and/or Instagram pages and support our amazing businesses with your comments. We will be highlighting each of them over the 40 days, along with their gift.

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