40 ways in 40 days

40 Ways in 40 Days Wrap Up

Can you believe our Foundation has been around for 42 years now?! Saturday 21 May marked the anniversary of CLCRF’s inception and, to celebrate, we have shared forty different fundraising ideas across our social media channels to stimulate your philanthropic endeavours. We’ve called it 40 Ways in 40 Days.

As our Foundation receives very limited government funding, it is only through the generosity of our wonderful supporters that we can continue funding the vital research into childhood cancers.

We thank everyone who has supported us over the past 42 years, whether it be by attending one of our events, making a donation, volunteering, or simply following us online. Throughout #40Waysin40Days, we hope we have inspired you to find different ways of making a difference for children with cancer.

There are so many ways you can help raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer research. Here’s a look back at the 40 ways we have shared:

  1. Buy an Entertainment Membership
  2. Join the Ruby Club
  3. Enter our raffle
  4. Buy some CLCRF merch
  5. Make a donation
  6. Extreme sports fundraising
  7. Become a member
  8. Attend our Quiz Night
  9. Shave or cut your hair
  10. Participate in Workplace Giving
  11. Containers for Change
  12. Sign up to our email newsletter
  13. Have a dress-up day at school or work
  14. Hold a bake sale
  15. Create a birthday fundraiser on Facebook
  16. Attend a CLCRF event
  17. Leave a gift in Will
  18. Become a Corporate Partner
  19. Join our South West Bike Trek
  20. Host a garage sale
  21. Become a regular giver
  22. Become a volunteer
  23. Donations in lieu of wedding favours
  24. Host a charity picnic or morning tea
  25. Collect donations with a Quest Donation Point Tap
  26. Grab a burger from Grill’d Shafto Lane (during May)
  27. Donate your tax return
  28. Host a donation tin
  29. Volunteer at Perth Tradie Expo
  30. Spread the word on social media
  31. Donate to our tax appeal
  32. Open a Beyond Bank Community Reward Account
  33. Donate prizes for our Quiz Night
  34. Donate a percentage of sales
  35. Become a CLCRF ambassador
  36. Participate in a charity run
  37. Create your own fitness challenge
  38. Busking
  39. Have a sausage sizzle
  40. Online gaming