Start making change!

When it comes to recycling, Western Australians have the chance to make real change. Containers for Change is a WA recycling scheme that lets you cash in eligible containers for 10 cents each.

The mission of this wonderful initiative is to increase recycling and reduce the number of drink containers that litter our environment. In WA, we use more than 1.3 billion eligible drink containers each year; enough drink containers to line a path from Perth to Broome 42 times!

Not only does Containers for Change aim to help the environment, but it also aims to provide benefits for community groups by providing supporters with an easy way to donate their container refunds.

CLCRF are thrilled to be a part of this initiative, which gives you the exciting opportunity to support childhood cancer research AND the environment. All you need to do is go to your nearest refund point and quote our Containers for Change Scheme ID when returning your containers.

Our Scheme ID is C10285275

With over 200 Containers for Change refund points, there is sure to be one near you! You can find your local refund point by heading to