Well-deserved praise for CLCRF volunteer!

Long-time supporters of CLCRF may have seen Jonelle volunteer at one of our many events over the years. She has been a very loyal supporter of the Foundation, and, during our 40kin40days campaign, we were thrilled to see Jonelle receive the praise and attention she deserves.

With a number of extremely heartfelt and moving nominations, Jonelle was chosen as the very deserving winner of a brand-new trailer full of half a tonne of firewood. This incredible gift was kindly donated by GT Fabrications and Giovanetti Firewood Bunbury.

Each nominator commended Jonelle as an amazing and strong woman who has experienced her fair share of adversity. Jonelle lost her husband to pancreatic cancer 3 years ago and has been raising her two teenaged children alone. Jonelle’s youngest child is autistic and requires continuous attention and she is also a constant support for her mum, helping her with many of her daily chores.

“She is a selfless person that gives endlessly to others,” said one nominator. “She is dedicated to her family and friends and is constantly giving to others and receiving very little for herself.”

“I admire her strength and courage and the hard work she does for her family,” said Jonelle’s sister. “She gives her all and I think it’s time someone gave to her because she never treats herself.”

Reading through the nominations, it was not only apparent that Jonelle deserved a gift, but it also became obvious that this was well and truly the perfect gift for her.

“She does all the jobs around the house, continuing to do renos on her own, building brick walls, fences, tiling bathrooms and gathering firewood every winter in an old rusty trailer that is about to have the base full through,” said Kristy.

“Her trailer is now in a total state of disrepair and is almost unable to transport goods to and from her house… she is too proud to ask and unable to pay for help,” said another nominator.

We are so excited to be able to provide Jonelle with a new trailer and see her get the recognition she deserves. It is stories like Jonelle’s that has made our 40kin40days campaign such a success, where the main goal was to spread kindness and bring joy to those who could really use it.