Vanessa’s big chop for childhood cancer!

During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month this year, one of our incredible supporters Vanessa Simmonds cut her very long hair to raise funds for CLCRF.

With family friend Jaiden a childhood cancer survivor, the decision to raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer research was an easy one to make. “I’m doing the chop for Jaiden,” said Vanessa. “Because without the life-saving research into childhood cancer, he would not still be here today.”

Before the snip on September 28, Vanessa had been growing her hair for 4 years. More than 35cms of hair was removed, which Vanessa donated towards a charity to make wigs for children.

Vanessa created a Facebook Fundraiser page where she asked her family and friends to donate towards the cause before her big chop. She also acquired CLCRF donation tins for those who preferred to donate with cash. Through her incredible fundraising endeavour, a total of $342.35 was raised for the Foundation.

We thank Vanessa for her amazing efforts. As CLCRF receives no government funding, we rely on the generosity of the community to continue funding the vital research into childhood cancers.

If you would like to support the Foundation through your own fundraiser, please get in touch with us today!