University of NSW production raises money for CLCRF

Every year, The University of New South Wales (UNSW) medical students put on an amazing, charity-driven production that showcases their skills in acting, dancing, singing, music and tech production. UNSW donates all proceeds from their production to a selected charity each year and in 2018 all profits were proudly donated to CLCRF.

UNSW’s MedShow started in 2000 with the annual productions having traditionally been an original script exploring the lives of medical students and doctors.

Last year’s MedShow, titled She’s the Mandible, centred around an aspiring orthopaedic surgeon, Jessie who is rejected from the Bones R’ Us Hospital for Orthopaedics and Erectile Dysfunction on the basis of being a woman.

She’s the Mandible had three shows in October 2018 and was a huge success. We are thrilled to report that the UNSW were able to raise a generous $5,800 for CLCRF.

We would like to thank the UNSW for choosing to support CLCRF and the Foundation’s important research into childhood cancer.