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Kerrin to Shave her Head for Childhood Cancer Research!

In an effort to raise money for the important research into childhood cancer, the amazing Kerrin Hampson is shaving her head… again! Kerrin announced the news at the CLCRF Family Night Out which took place on Saturday, November 9.

Kerrin is no stranger to getting rid of her locks to raise funds for childhood cancer. In 2013, she shaved her head for the first time after her son Marley finished his treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Then again in November 2017 she got rid of around 30cm of hair to support Finlay Higgs, who was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma, a rare liver cancer.

Even after Marley finished his treatment, Kerrin and her family have remained involved in raising awareness and funds for research into childhood cancer, with the hope that one day a cure will be found.

We would like to thank Kerrin for her ongoing support of the Foundation and we hope to see her smash her fundraising goal of $1000, with the help of our generous supporters!

If you would like to support Kerrin and the very worthwhile cause, simply make a donation through her Facebook fundraiser page.


Nambung Country Music Muster raises money for CLCRF

The Nambung Country Music Muster returned for its 4th year from October 24 to 27 at Nambung Station, just 200kms north of Perth and nestled alongside the state’s world famous Pinnacles.

The 4-day camping event has quickly grown as a favourite amongst the country music lovers from all around Australia. Not only do attendees get to enjoy music, poetry, dancing and a great country atmosphere, but they also get the pleasure of knowing they are helping to support important causes.

The Nambung Country Music Muster supports local groups, with a large proportion of proceeds going towards several different charities. This year, the festival was able to raise $2,000 for the Foundation, which will go towards the vital research into childhood cancer.

We would like to thank the Nambung Country Music Muster for their kind donation and for continuing to support CLCRF. We wish them nothing but success for next year’s event!


The Gift of Giving through Everyday Hero

For many of us, it can be a real struggle not just to decide what we want for our birthday, but what we actually need. Why not use the occasion as an opportunity to do something more meaningful? This is exactly what Natalie and Andy Lukas have done by asking their family and friends to give the gift of giving.

With his 40th birthday coming up, Andy communicated to his wife Natalie that he wanted to do something that involved giving, rather than receiving. “He suggested cooking a big BBQ for the homeless but I thought something that provided for more than a day’s help was possibly more satisfying,” said Natalie.

Natalie decided to set up a surprise Everyday Hero page for her husband in support of CLCRF. The choice to support CLCRF stemmed from their own personal reasons. “Andy and I had a scare with our second child, Charlie, earlier this year when he suddenly developed a blood disorder,” explained Natalie.

“We were so grateful to find out he was not in fact diagnosed with leukaemia as we had anticipated from the initial results. This inspired me to help support and raise awareness of the work of Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation.”

Natalie and Andy are aware of the suffering that those battling blood cancers have to endure after Andy’s mum was diagnosed with a haematological cancer 2 years ago.

“It’s incredibly sad that anyone suffers a haematological cancer… but more tragic for this to happen to a child and result in loss of such young lives.”

Andy was presented with his Everyday Hero page on Saturday, October 19 after an incredible total of $2550.57 had been raised for the Foundation by his generous friends and family.

“My husband loved his webpage and looks forward to trying to build up the donation bank himself!”

We would like to thank both Natalie and Andy for choosing to support the Foundation through this wonderful gift idea! Do you have a birthday coming up or want to do something a little more meaningful this Christmas? It’s easy to create your own fundraising page through Everyday Hero. Simply follow the steps below.

How to create a fundraising page:

  1. Create a fundraising page and select CLCRF as your charity.
  2. Personalise your page with a photo and tell everyone why you’re supporting CLCRF.
  3. Share your unique supporter page link with your friends, family, and colleagues through social media.

Raising Funds Through Marathon Match

The Foundation was recently thrilled to receive a donation of $1,090 from the wonderful students and teachers at Lynwood Senior High School.

The funds were raised through a marathon soccer match which saw a total of 45 students and a few crazy teachers playing indoor soccer for a duration of 24-hours. The players were separated into two teams, Blue and Green, and played in two-hour shifts while the Soccer Committee Parents cooked dinner and breakfast for everyone.

The goal of the match was to raise money for the Soccer Academy and CLCRF. Over $6,000 was raised in total, a remarkable feat that matched the efforts on the court.



Support CLCRF at The Color Run Perth!

Looking for a fun, healthy and uncompetitive way to support CLCRF and raise funds for childhood cancer research? Then The Color Run Perth 2019, taking place at Claremont Showground on Sunday 20 October, sounds like the perfect event for you!

The Color Run, also known as the happiest 5K on the Planet, is a five-kilometre, untimed event that celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality. Runners are asked to wear white and are doused from head to toe in a different coloured powder at each kilometre mark.

At the completion of the run, the colourful participants can enjoy the Finish Festival, a party equipped with music, dancing, photo opportunities and activities.

Since The Color Run has no winners or official times, it is an event that caters to everyone from first time runners to seasoned athletes. To date, the event has donated more than $5 million to charity.

If you’re interested in supporting CLCRF at this wonderful event, simply follow the steps below!

How to support CLCRF at The Color Run:

Step 1: Create a fundraising page and select CLCRF as your charity.

Step 2: Personalise your page with a photo and tell everyone why you’re supporting CLCRF.

Step 3: Share your unique supporter page link with your friends, family, and colleagues via social media.


Harper Goes Gold for CLCRF

This Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a special little girl has decided to Go Gold for CLCRF by making and selling bracelets at her school.

6-year-old Harper was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in January 2016 when she was just 2 and half years old. Harper has now been in remission for just over a year and is doing her bit to help other little warriors fighting the horrible disease.

On Friday 6 September, Harper sold her bracelets at a market set up at her school and had tremendous success! Her $2 bracelets sold out within half an hour and she was able to raise $290 for the Foundation.

A testament to her enthusiasm and dedication, Harper then went on to make more bracelets after her triumph at the school markets, bringing the total amount raised to an incredible $470!

“She has from the get-go put 100% into making these bracelets and her school, Star of the Sea Rockingham, have gone above and beyond to support her,” said Harper’s mum Kris.

Harper gave the bracelets a special personal touch by naming each of them after a child from the 3B/1A ward at Perth Children’s Hospital. Each bracelet had a name, diagnosis and age attached to it, offering a great talking point at the school market.

The decision to raise funds for CLCRF through the bracelets stemmed from an overwhelming desire to share the kindness and support that Harper has received throughout her life.

“People around us have always been so generous and supportive with their time and money when it comes to Harper,” said Kris. Most recently at a work gala dinner, a silent-auction bidder kindly gave Harper a gold pearl they won after hearing how much she loved it. “She was so happy she cried and we knew we had to pay it forward.”

“With September coming up, I suggested CLCRF as it has been a charity we support and look up to. It was also a good way to talk to Harper about her diagnosis as she had limited knowledge due to her age.”

We would like to thank Harper and her family for choosing to Go Gold for CLCRF and raising money for childhood cancer research. We are so proud and grateful for Harper’s amazing efforts!

Are you doing something special to Go Gold in September? We would love to hear about it!  

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Go Gold with a Tote Bag!

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a time where we are encouraged to “Go Gold” to put the spotlight on childhood cancer and the need to improve diagnosis, treatment and outcomes. There are so many ways to Gold in September, from wearing a gold awareness ribbon, to entering our photo competition. Foundation supporter Donna Field has gone gold in the best way she knows how – by getting crafty!

Donna runs her own small business, Field and Feather, specialising in eco-friendly, reusable bags. For the month of September, Donna has hand painted a limited-edition Gold Feather Tote Bag with a donation from the sales being made to childhood cancer research at CLCRF.

Donna and her family became avid supporters of CLCRF after her son Jackson was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in October 2013. The Field family spent 3 years in and out of hospital while Jackson endured intensive chemotherapy.

“I decided to hand paint my limited-edition Gold Feather Tote Bag as a way to raise childhood cancer awareness, fundraise for CLCRF and continue my own healing journey following Jackson’s diagnosis,” said Donna.

Jackson has now been cancer free for 2 years and is enjoying life to the fullest. Donna aims to continue advocating for children with cancer and hopes to help create a better world for all children.

The beautifully crafted tote bags are not only a great way to support childhood cancer awareness, but they are also beneficial for the environment. These eco-bags are reusable and made from natural and certified organic cotton – making them the perfect replacement for single-use plastic.

Buy purchasing one of these limited-edition bags, you can feel good about your purchase knowing you are helping to make a difference in more ways than one. The bags are $25, with a gold coin donation from each sale going towards the Foundation. Australia wide shipping is available for a flat rate of $8.

The limited-edition Gold Feather Tote Bags can be purchased in one of the following ways:

We would like to thank Donna for supporting CLCRF and for helping to raise awareness for childhood cancer in such a wonderful and creative way. If you have also created a way for people to Go Gold in September, we would love to hear about it!

CityToSurf Raised- Web

$5,324 raised for CLCRF at the Chevron City to Surf

The Chevron City to Surf took place on Sunday 25 August, with thousands of runners and walkers hitting the Perth pavement in near-perfect conditions.

A big thank you to those who participated in the event to raise money for CLCRF – Gary Bentel, Julie Rosenthal and Kate Lamers. Because of the wonderful efforts of these three participants, a combined total of $5,324 was raised for the Foundation, far exceeding previous years!

We would particularly like to acknowledge the admirable fundraising efforts by Gary. Gary was able to raise a total of $4821.70, which put him in 7th place on the individual fundraising leader board – a tremendous achievement!

Gary has been supporting CLCRF since 2007 and his decision to participate in the City to Surf’s 12km run this year stemmed from his desire to do more for the Foundation.

“The hills on the City to Surf were really challenging,” said Gary. “But just thinking about the hills and challenges that kids with Leukaemia have to overcome made them a breeze and I’m really grateful I could support CLCRF.”

Not only has Gary, Julie and Kate’s participation helped to raise important funds for childhood cancer research, but they have also helped to raise more awareness in the Perth community.

The Chevron City to Surf is a wonderful community-based fun run and we look forward to seeing the participation and fundraising efforts at next year’s event!

Are you interested in supporting CLCRF in a fun run this year? The Color Run Perth, also known as the Happiest 5k on the Planet, is on 20 October 2019 at the Claremont Showground. This is a 5km untimed event catering to everyone from first time runners to seasoned athletes. Register now and start fundraising for CLCRF!

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Over $5,000 raised through Facebook

Did you know you can create your own fundraiser for CLCRF through Facebook?

Facebook’s partnership with PayPal through the PayPal Giving Fund has allowed users to set up their own fundraisers on the platform to support a charity of their choice. This wonderful initiative was established late last year and we are so pleased to announce that so far a total of $5,940.31 has been raised for the Foundation!

We are so glad to see our supporters making use of this exciting way to fundraise! This is a particularly great initiative to help make your birthday even more meaningful, with Facebook now prompting users to create a fundraiser ahead of their special day. If you create a birthday fundraiser, your friends will be invited to help you support the cause.

The service allows for secure online donations and there are no fees for the organisation or individual donors, meaning 100% of the funds are distributed towards childhood cancer research when you choose to fundraise for CLCRF.

CLCRF supports PayPal and Facebook’s commitment to enable greater charitable giving and we are happy to be able to give our supporters an easily accessible and uncomplicated way to fundraise.

If you would like to fundraise for CLCRF through Facebook, all you have to do is click the “create” button on the top of your Facebook page, then select the “Fundraiser” option. When asked what charity to donate to, simply search for “Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation” and you will see our account.


West Leederville Primary School Fundraiser

The wonderful students of West Leederville Primary School recently held a fundraiser to benefit CLCRF. On Friday 21 June, students and staff were invited to wear their pyjamas to school and bring a gold coin donation to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

We are thrilled to announce that through this fundraising event, a total of $667.10 was raised for The Foundation. This is a terrific effort!

Just by wearing their pyjamas to school, the staff and students of West Leederville Primary School have helped fund important research into childhood cancer and raise awareness for the Foundation.

This goes to show that there are so many ways to fundraise and help make a difference! We would like to thank West Leederville Primary School for supporting the Foundation through this fun initiative.

If you have your own fundraising ideas, our team is always ready to help you in any way we can! Simply email us or call our office on 08 9363 7400.