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Never too little to help

Source: Serpentine Jarradale Examiner – Issue 1516 • June 30th 2022 – Page 3
Author: Chris Fowler

Photo credit: Richard Polden

A Year 3 student at Serpentine Primary proved you are “never too little to help,” last Thursday, after a hair cut in front of her entire school helped her raise more than $3000 for children with cancer.

Eight-year-old Emilia took to the stage at a special assembly, where hairdressers cut her golden locks, to be donated for use in wigs for people being treated for cancer.

Alongside the haircut, Emilia, with the help of her Mum, Cara, set up a fundraising page on Facebook, that has so far received 78 donations.

While Cara was proud of her daughter’s initiative, she never expected the bright-eyed humanitarian to raise so much in donations.

“I thought $500 would be lovely to donate – $3375 is just gob smacking,” Cara said. Emilia decided to make her fundraising drive after asking her mother about what happens to people’s hair when they receive treatment for cancer.

“She had seen a couple of friends suffering from cancer and asked me last year what happens to people that lose their hair from having cancer,” Cara said.

“I explained why and that they need to wear a wig and she decided then she would donate her hair.

“Our very close family friend is a childhood cancer survivor, so I thought what better way to support the Foundation that supports her, Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation.”

Emilia was also surprised by the success of her charity work, saying it made fer feel “very happy.”

Family friend Georgia Lowry was on hand to help out at Thursday’s assembly. “I was delighted to be invited to the assembly to be one of the hairdressers, I was most honoured to do that,” Ms Lowry said.

“She was pretty quiet, gorgeous little thing, she’s usually very, very outgoing, but as you would think, being centre of attention and chopping your long locks off, she was a bit nervous.

“She’s just a little legend, she’s an inspiration, to be fundraising and caring about people with cancer, she’s a little superstar,” Ms Lowry said.

Emilia, who enjoys dancing and netball and loves her new haircut, had a message for other youngsters who want to make a difference. “You are never too little to help.”



Over $5,000 raised at the Perth Tradie Expo!

It was great to be back at the Perth Tradie Expo over the weekend of 17-19 June. Not even the wet weather could dampen our spirits as we managed to raise $5,331.70 for childhood cancer research!

The always-popular event at Ascot Racecourse provides a once-a-year opportunity for tradies and DIY enthusiasts to purchase tools and equipment at bargain prices. To gain entry, attendees pay a small gold coin donation to charity. We were thrilled to be invited back to the Expo, collecting donations alongside the Desperate for Love Dog Pound Rescue.

This incredible result would not have been possible without our amazing volunteers who generously donated their time to collect these funds. A big thank you to Jon, Pia, Alecia, Sarah, Tayla, Keely, Gui, Eiji, Ravina, Kim, Emma, Catherine, Jacky, Andrea, Gordon, Judy, Fennis, Keely, Paul, Angus, Tegan, Logan, Curtis, Wendy, Gary, Paul and Tony!

We would also like to thank every single person who attended the Expo and decided to put their gold coin donation in our tins! Your contribution will go a long way to help future generations of children live cancer-free.

Finally, we thank Toolmart! This is always such an exciting weekend for our volunteers and staff, and we are so grateful for the great opportunity to raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer research.

Issac’s head shave for childhood cancer research

Last November, a young supporter in Sydney, NSW raised funds for childhood cancer research by courageously shaving his head. Issac raised $300 for the Foundation through My Cause, beating his personal target of $200.

This is the second time that Issac has decided to support our Foundation through this bold initiative, with the youngster shaving his head alongside his dad, Ashraf, back in 2019.

“My uncle passed away from colon cancer a few years ago, and Issac was very close to him,” explained Ashraf. “When I explained what cancer was to Issac, and how it affects people’s lives, he was very curious whether that could affect children too. From that, he decided he wanted to do his part as he felt very empathetic that children could suffer from something so terrible.”

Ashraf shared that Issac took his support for the Foundation even further by spreading awareness amongst his school friends. “Beyond just shaving his head, he also talked about it at his school. He did a ‘show and tell’ to explain to the other kids about leukaemia and his fundraising efforts.”

Shaving your head or cutting your hair is a great way to raise funds for cancer research and it offers a powerful statement of solidarity with those living with cancer. We thank Issac for choosing to support our Foundation in this way, his efforts will go a long way in helping more children live the long and fulfilling lives they deserve.

Want to shave your head for childhood cancer research? We recommend setting up a fundraiser page through My Cause or Facebook!


Volunteer at Perth Tradie Expo

We are so excited to be invited back to the Perth Tradie Expo this year to collect gold coin donations on entry. Now we just need YOUR help! We are looking for volunteers to help us collect these donations that will go towards childhood cancer research.

The Tradie Expo will take place from Friday 17 June to Sunday 19 June from 8am to 5pm at Ascot Racecourse. We need volunteers who are willing to come down for an hour or two (or even more if you like!) on any of these days to hold a donation tin at the entry gate.

At last year’s Tradie Expo, our wonderful volunteers helped us raise over $6,500! With your help, we would love to raise even more this year.

If you are interested in volunteering at this exciting event, please get in contact with us today! You have the freedom to choose your own shift and can volunteer as little or as much as you like. Simply contact the CLCRF office on (08) 9363 7400 or email us.

Grilled Shafto Lane

Support childhood cancer research at Grill’d Shafto Lane

Once again, our Foundation has been chosen to participate in the Grill’d Local Matters initiative at their Shafto Lane restaurant.

Each month, every Grill’d restaurant displays three Local Matters jars representing three different community groups. Customers then receive a token when they order a burger, which they can place into the jar of their choice.

At the end of the month, $500 is split between the community groups, with the jar with the most tokens receiving a $300 donation and the other two each receiving a $100 donation.

Be sure to pop into Grill’d Shafto Lane before the end of May for a simple and delicious way to support a great cause! Grill’d Shafto Lane is located at 10-11 Shafto Lane, Perth WA.

Mark’s Five Everestings Challenge for Childhood Cancer Research

On Easter Friday 15 April, a very adventurous CLCRF supporter, Mark Gibbens, will be attempting a world record five consecutive “Everestings” over five days in the hills of Adelaide.

As Mark explains, “Everesting” is fiendishly simple: Pick any hill anywhere in the world and ride repeats of it, up and down until you have climbed 8848 vertical metres – the equivalent height of Mt Everest.”

Mark’s aim is to climb 44,240 vertical metres in five days and hopes to raise funds for childhood cancer research in the lead up to the big day. “To get me to the start line, please donate generously to the Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation and cheer me on,” Mark expressed on his fundraising page. “Please consider doubling your donation if I achieve the world record five Everestings.

We thank Mark for supporting our Foundation through this very courageous feat and we encourage you all to get behind him and show your support. You can support Mark by heading to his Just Giving Fundraising Page, where you can make a secure donation to the cause.

Support Childhood Cancer Research at Grill’d Scarborough

Once again, our Foundation has been chosen to participate in the Grill’d Local Matters initiative, this time with a jar at the Scarborough restaurant.

Each month, every Grill’d restaurant displays three Local Matters jars representing three different community groups. With every burger ordered, a token is handed over for customers to drop into the jar of their choice.

At the end of the month, $500 is split between the community groups, with the jar with the most tokens receiving a $300 donation and the other two each receiving a $100 donation.

This is an excellent way for the restaurant to give back and support the communities that have always supported them, while getting their customers involved to help make a difference.

Be sure to pop into Grill’d Scarborough before the end of March for a simple and delicious way to support a great cause. Grill’d Scarborough is located at 188 The Esplanade, Scarborough WA 6019, and is the perfect spot for a meal by the picturesque Scarborough Beach.

10-year-old Imani shaving head to support child cancer research

Imani Gruber, a passionate young supporter, is selflessly shaving her hair off to support the vital research into childhood cancers.

“I watched my Nan go through Cancer since I was born,” said 10-year-old Imani. “A family friend passed away from it. Kids should not go through that”.

Imani will be shaving her hair on Friday 18 March, and she has already smashed her fundraising goal of $2,000! As of right now, Imani has raised $2,648 through her Facebook Fundraiser page that her mother, Natasha, set up for her.

“I have wanted to shave my head for a long time now, when my Nan lost her hair.” Imani explained. “My mum told me when I was 10 I could do it. I just turned 10.”

We are so grateful for Imani’s generosity, choosing to support our Foundation through her selfless act. Thanks to her generous family and friends, we are excited to see this fundraising tally rise even more before her head shave next month!

“I feel kids need to live their life,” expressed Imani. “It’s tough for kids to have to go to hospital anytime – let alone maybe every day or week and be sick from the medication they are given to make them ‘better.’”

If you would like to support Imani’s fundraising, please consider donating towards her fundraising page. Every donation made will go a long way in helping future generations of children with cancer.

Karalee on Preston’s Christmas Donation

For yet another year, our loyal friends at Karalee on Preston raised funds for childhood cancer research through the humble Christmas ornament.

Throughout the 2021 Christmas season, visitors to Karalee on Preston had the opportunity to purchase a bauble over the bar for the donation amount of their choice, which they could then hang on the pub’s beautiful Christmas tree.

Through this festive initiative, Karalee on Preston raised a total of $540 – what an incredible Christmas present for the Foundation!

A huge thank you to our friends at Karalee for continuing to support CLCRF. It is through these wonderful community relationships that we can continue our mission to see better outcomes for children with cancer.

Do you own a business and want to support childhood cancer research? Or maybe you have some ideas to get your local pub or shop involved to help make a difference? Get in touch with us today!

Consulate Court Christmas Lights

The residents of Consulate Court, Thornlie once again lit up their houses for Christmas, in turn helping raise almost $20,000 for childhood cancer research!

Each December the residents of Consulate Court ‘light up’ their street to celebrate Christmas and to spread joy amongst the community and the thousands of visitors the street attracts throughout the month.

Residents have been ‘lighting up’ on December 1st each year for the past 28 years. In 2021, nine houses in the Cul-de-sac were lit, including new residents to the street getting into the spirit of the event. The displays were very interactive with musical toys, laser light shows, bubble machines and dancing snowmen all designed for kids and adults alike to leave with a smile on their face!

Decorated homes carried donation collection points for those visitors wishing to show support to CLCRF, the chosen charity partner. The street also hosted special events throughout the month including Christmas Carols, Bake Sales and other events to help raise as much funds for childhood cancer research as possible!

We are still reeling from excitement of being selected as the Consulate Court Christmas Lights charity partner, which led to an almost unbelievable fundraising total of $20,000!

A big thank you to all the houses who got involved, everyone that donated, and our incredible volunteers who got out there to help collect donations throughout the Christmas season.

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