External Fundraising Event


University of NSW production raises money for CLCRF

Every year, The University of New South Wales (UNSW) medical students put on an amazing, charity-driven production that showcases their skills in acting, dancing, singing, music and tech production. UNSW donates all proceeds from their production to a selected charity each year and in 2018 all profits were proudly donated to CLCRF.

UNSW’s MedShow started in 2000 with the annual productions having traditionally been an original script exploring the lives of medical students and doctors.

Last year’s MedShow, titled She’s the Mandible, centred around an aspiring orthopaedic surgeon, Jessie who is rejected from the Bones R’ Us Hospital for Orthopaedics and Erectile Dysfunction on the basis of being a woman.

She’s the Mandible had three shows in October 2018 and was a huge success. We are thrilled to report that the UNSW were able to raise a generous $5,800 for CLCRF.

We would like to thank the UNSW for choosing to support CLCRF and the Foundation’s important research into childhood cancer.


A Cause for Celebration with Beyond Bank

A few weeks ago we were absolutely thrilled to receive a donation $3,160 thanks to Beyond Bank and their kind customers, who have chosen CLCRF as their charity of choice with their Beyond Bank Community Reward Account.

The Beyond Bank Community Reward Account is a unique way for supporters (both individuals and businesses) to contribute to CLCRF.

It’s a high interest savings account which allows CLCRF supporters to save their money. And in return CLCRF receive a Community Reward Payment1, based on the combined average annual balances of all our supporter’s savings. Our supporters don’t pay a thing.

The earnings are not capped. So, the more supporters CLCRF have saving in this account, the more money will be rewarded to our organisation. Each year Beyond Bank donate over $400,0000 back to not-for-profit community organisations.

Show your support and head over now to Beyond Bank to start a Community Reward Account!




Riding to Beat Cancer

This year the Southwest Bike Trek promises to be a fantastic fundraising event for the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (Inc.) and 12 riders will embark on a six-day bike ride from Subiaco to Augusta to raise money for the CLCRF. The 588 km journey and will start at Mueller Park, Subiaco, stop en route at Fairbridge, Preston Beach, Harvey, Eaton, Busselton and Margaret River before finishing at Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, Augusta on Saturday 13 October.

One of the riders, Katelyn Lush, also the Executive Assistant of the CLCRF, has been diligently training to participate in the trek for several months. With less than four weeks before the trek, event organiser, Eric Maddock, took Katelyn on a 66km training session from Perth to Mandurah. Katelyn successfully completed the ride in under three hours. As a result of this trial run, Katelyn says she is much more confident about completing the nearly 600 km journey.

“I have never ridden this distance in one stretch before. Every week of training I’m learning more about the world of cycling and also about myself.

“We are capable of anything if we set our minds to it and this ride on the weekend has only increased my excitement for the Bike Trek.”

Katelyn is up for the challenge of riding the trek for the first time because she knows how increased funding into child cancer research can save lives.

“I think of all the kids who aren’t able to learn how to ride a bike or go outside and play because they are in the fight of their lives to beat Childhood Cancer. If my partaking in the South West Bike Trek can raise some greatly needed funds for Child Cancer Research and raise awareness, that’s a challenge I will take on.”

We are so proud of Katelyn for her perseverance and determination to be involved in the bike trek!

If you would like to make a donation to support the Southwest Bike Trek, head over to  our make a donation page.


Chronicles of Narnia High Tea & Fashion Show

On Friday 28 September at 2pm the Bunbury Senior Citizens Club is holding a Chronicles of Narnia High Tea & Fashion Show at the Bunbury Senior Citizens Club, 1 Stirling Street, Bunbury to raise money for the 2018 Southwest Bike Trek. Funds raised from the Southwest Bike Trek will go to the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (Inc.) for childhood cancer research.

One of the participants of the Southwest Bike Trek is organising the fundraising High Tea and Fashion Show. There will be a continuous flow of tea and coffee with shared homemade treats, and Wardrobe Fashion will be showcasing the best of their evening and day wear for summer.

Not only that, the event will feature a White Witch Parade, Turkish Delight Competition, Gold Coin Pitch and other fun games such as Lucky Money Boards. Those attending are invited to wear their wedding dress or simply a crown for the White Witch Parade – prizes will go to the person with the most innovative costume! Tickets are only $20 and anyone interested in attending should contact Betty on 0419 648 260.

The High Tea will be funding the Southwest Bike Trek this year, which is held from Sunday 7-13 October and will start in Perth and end in Margaret River. To explore the Southwest on bike at a leisurely pace and meet like-minded bike riders, contact Eric Maddock on 0433 905 703 or email swbiketrrek@gmail.com.

CLCRF thanks the Bunbury Senior Citizens Club and the organisers of the annual Southwest Bike Trek for their fundraising efforts to further childhood cancer research! If you are in the Bunbury area, please support the High Tea and Fashion Show by booking your tickets with Betty on 0419 648 260.


Antonio’s Support for the CLCRF

Antonio Argentieri, a well-known cake decorator from Italy, has been a passionate supporter of the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (Inc.) for several years. In 2017 Antonio organised the 19th National Cake Decorating Seminar in Perth and raised funds for the CLCRF with the help of the Cake Decorators Association of WA.

More recently, Antonio has put together a ‘Cooking Charity Show’ on popular Italian television cooking show, ‘La Prova del Cuoco’ in Italy to raise money for the CLCRF. The show will air on 17-18 July at a bistro called Alla Marino in Italian city, Vasto. The show will be streamed live in Australia, Canada and USA from 5.30pm Italian time. Over two days of fun, the show will feature Italian culinary excellence from Antonio, special guests, his friends and other chefs. The CLCRF will feature during the show and viewers across the world will find out more about the Foundation and the great importance of raising funds for world class child cancer research.

When asked about why Antonio has such a heart for funding child cancer research, he believes that he did not choose the Foundation but it chose him.

“I did not choose the Foundation but the CLCRF, in a sense, chose me. I have been working with the Cake Kids Therapy group where children who have had difficulties in life are taught how to make and decorate cakes. I ‘fell in love at first sight’ with the CLCRF because I really want to give hope to children suffering from cancer.

“No one can know if among these many suffering children there may be a man or woman who will make the difference and build a hopeful future. Together we can put smiles on children’s faces by giving to the CLCRF.”

The Foundation thanks you for your passionate and invaluable support Antonio! We are deeply touched by your love for children going through such a difficult time and your help in promoting the cause of funding child cancer research in Italy and across the world!


Pyjamas & Dancing For Child Cancer Research

In May, the Sharon Biddle School of Dance  held a ‘Pyjama Week’ at the school where kids were invited to wear their pyjamas to all their dance classes and put a gold coin in a tin to raise money for the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (Inc.).

At the end of the week, they held a ‘Lights Out Disco’ where kids paid $10 per ticket, which included pizza and a drink. With light-up products to buy, an opportunity to get their nails painted or hair braided, games and lots of dancing, everyone had a blast!

“We’re all very happy with the amount raised and the kids at the studio have had lots of fun,” said Sharon Biddle.

Throughout the week, the school raised an amazing $2,008!

Thank you so much to Sharon and the children of the Sharon Biddle School of Dance for wearing pyjamas and dancing for child cancer research!


Phones for Cancer Research

Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (Inc.) received a different kind of donation from Westgold Resources Ltd., a top 10 Australian gold producer, recently on Thursday, 31 May. Chris and Danielle from Westgold Resources Ltd donated a large box full of old mobile phones. They were excited to collect these unused phones around their office to be donated to the CLCRF as part of the Aussie Recycling Program (ARP). The ARP donates funds to the Foundation in exchange for receiving old phones.

Not only does this type of giving contribute to child cancer research, but it also stops phones from being placed in landfill and preserves the environment as parts are salvaged and materials can be put back into productive use. Any remaining materials are sent by the ARP for disposal in an environmentally friendly manner with licenced recyclers.

Recently, the CLCRF has been receiving many old phone donations from Perth and even from the Eastern States. Since being associated with the ARP in 2008, the CLCRF has received over $8,000 in donations through the program!

If you or your organisation would like to make a lasting contribution to child cancer research while also helping the environment, why not collect old mobile phones and donate them to the CLCRF?

Give us a call during office hours on (08) 9363 7400 to find out more about donating phones!


$4,443 Raised for Child Cancer Research at HBF Run for a Reason

This year, 20 runners participated in the HBF Run for a Reason on the streets of Perth on 27 May 2018 to raise money for the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (Inc.). Over 35,000 participants ran, walked or wheeled their way through the run at the ninth annual HBF Run for a Reason. More than $1 million was raised for WA health charities including the CLCRF.

Collectively, an amazing $4,443 was raised by runners this year for the Foundation. We are proud of everyone who chose to support child cancer research in the run.

Well done to every single runner/walker in the HBF Run for a Reason who raised money for the CLCRF! We could not have achieved this without you. We hope you had fun and look forward to your participation and fundraising efforts next year!



Kayakers Fundraise for 20 years

In the words of Greg Robertson, President of Mo55sKC:

Mandurah over 55s Kayak Club (Mo55sKC) held its 20th annual Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (Inc.) (CLCRF)  paddle event on 23 April.

The Club staged a special selection of paddling options to suit all participants, followed by a riverside barbecue.

Paddlers launched at Murray Bend and chose from 30km, 15km or 10km courses.

Attendees paid an entry fee and participated in raffle draws to raise funds on the day.  Many members unable to attend, or choosing not to paddle, still contributed. Others also donated in-kind for the barbecue lunch so everyone was well fed.

Several Club members are involved in a Book Club and a Craft Club which annually raise funds for CLCRF too.

Consolidating all sources, including Mo55sKC mid-year raffles and members’ direct donations, the total raised for 17/18 was over $2,100.

Mo55sKC will be planning a ‘paddle event with a difference’ next year to celebrate its 21st CLCRF fundraiser. Paddlers and non-paddlers interested in being involved should enquire via greydolphin55@gmail.com for details.

We all look forward to April 2019.


Photo credit: Robert Wroth


Southwest Bike Trek 2018

The inaugural 2018 Southwest Bike Trek is set to start on Sunday 7 October in Subiaco near the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (Inc.) office, and finish in Augusta on Saturday 13 October. As in previous years, it will be organised by trek organiser and CLCRF Foundation member, Eric Maddock, with the help of Lions and Rotary Clubs.

The trek will commence in Subiaco and a team of bike riders will make their way to Fairbridge on Sunday 7 October. On Monday the 8th, riders will travel to Preston then back to Fairbridge. From Fairbridge they will head over to Harvey. On Wednesday, from Harvey they will ride to Eaton. They will travel from Eaton to Busselton the following day. From Busselton they will travel to Margaret River and finish at the Augusta Lighthouse on Saturday 13 October.

Last year the Southwest Bike Trek raised an incredible $23,400 for the CLCRF and over the years it has raised just under $700,000 in total!

If you want to have a great cycling experience and explore the Southwest region at a leisurely pace, while raising money for child cancer research just sign up now – contact Eric Maddock and call him on 0433 905 703 or email swbiketrek@gmail.com.