Top Tips for The Plus Fitness Currambine Oar-Inspiring Indoor Row

Who’s excited to take on the ultimate rowing challenge to help support childhood cancer research? Plus Fitness Currambine will be kindly hosting The Oar-Inspiring Indoor Row at their gym on Saturday 3 October, where participants will race a marathon on Concept 2 Rowers in teams of 4.

To help you get prepared for this thrilling event, Paul from Plus Fitness Currambine has put together “8 to be great” tips!

  1. Preparation is key
    Make sure you have done your prep prior to the big day supplies, water, food, supplements, music, training etc.
  2. Regular rowing
    Try to row as often as possible with your training schedule prior to the big day. I once asked a 5-time world kick boxing champion at a seminar how I could improve my kicking. Waiting on a fancy, elaborate answer he simply replied – KICK! Whatever it is you want to get better at just do and do it regularly.
  3. Hydration
    It’s going to be a long workout so keeping hydrated is very important. Water, isotonic drinks and the like.
  4. Nutrition
    Don’t jump on the rower with a full stomach. Eat well before the start and make sure you snack throughout the session. NOT WITH BURGERS!
  5. Support
    Having good support from family, friends and loved ones is essential when undertaking a challenge like this. Bring people with you to cheer you and your team mates on.
  6. Pace
    Unless you are going for the win or a PB (Personal best) then pace the race. Don’t go too hard too soon otherwise it will become a very uncomfortable grind to the finish.
  7. Training Schedule
    Make sure you are adding in good quality training leading up to the challenge. Endurance is key here so ask for training programs to help.
  8. Celebrate your achievement
    What you have just completed needs to be recognised and celebrated so enjoy the moment, raise a glass and congratulate your teammates and especially yourself for a job well done.

Think you’re up for the challenge? Join the crew! To enter, or for more information, all you need to do is email Plus Fitness Currambine.