Riding around Australia for childhood cancer

In one of the most exciting supporter-run fundraisers yet, Brian “Beetle” Bayley will be riding around Australia on his motorcycle to support childhood cancer research!

Brian will begin his ride in September this year and he is calling it the 40 Days for Kids Cancer Ride, with his journey expected to take this long. With 40 being the magic number, he hopes to raise a whopping $40,000 for the Foundation.

Allowing our supporters to follow along the journey, Brian will have a SPOT tracker with him. He has also created a map of his intended journey but warns “as all you adventurers know, many eventualities get in the way, so my plans will be flexible.”

This isn’t the first time Brian will be riding his bike across Australia. In 2017-18, Brian and his wife set off from Perth to ride all the way to Sydney and back, taking inspiration from Winifred Wells’ solo ride in 1950-51.

Winifred Wells became the first woman to cross Australia on a motorcycle when she was 22 years old, riding coast to coast from her home in Perth. Brian’s trip this year aims to celebrate Winifred’s second big ride, where she rode around Australia with her father. Once again, Brian will be riding the same type of motorcycle Winifred used, a Royal Enfield 350.

We are so excited to follow Brian on his journey this year and are so grateful for his decision to support CLCRF. “I want to do something for children in the future,” expressed Brian. Brian’s ambition will go a long way to help us in our commitment to see future generations of children live the long and fulfilling lives they deserve.

You can help motivate Brian by showing your support on his Facebook Fundraiser Page. If you prefer to donate directly to us, you can make a donation through our website or over the phone (08 9363 7400). Simply let us know if your donation is for Brian’s fundraiser (by mentioning “Brian Bayley” or “40 Days for Kids Cancer Ride”) so we can allocate it to his total fundraising tally.