Poseidon Primary Fundraising for Child Cancer Research

On March 16, Poseidon Primary School, a small school of 370 students based in Heathridge, raised $2,269.30 for Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (Inc.) (CLCRF) through their annual ‘hair-raising’ fundraising event.

Aroha White, one of the students of the school, was diagnosed with leukaemia and the school teamed together to raise money for CLCRF. Aroha’s mother, Emma White, as well as six school staff members were sponsored to change their hair in different ways.

A brave and excited Emma had her hair coloured with hairspray, then it was shaved off completely in front of the school. The school’s principal, Peter Blackford, was brave enough to have his hair coloured and shaved by Emma and Aroha White.

Many of the students also coloured their hair with hairspray for the special event.

A coin challenge after the hair shaving took place on their basketball court where each class had their own line to place coins and notes. The winner of the longest line went to Mrs Isbister’s Pre-Primary / Year 1 class. Some of the parents generously put down $50 notes in the challenge, which greatly helped in the fundraising.

Eco Faeries were painting children’s faces and engaging students with other fun activities.

Overall, the event was very inspiring for students and staff, and a fantastic amount was raised for CLCRF. Thank you Poseidon Primary School for your generosity and efforts towards raising money for child cancer research!

If you would like to start your own fundraising event, just start a fundraising page and share your link with friends and family!