Issac’s head shave for childhood cancer research

Last November, a young supporter in Sydney, NSW raised funds for childhood cancer research by courageously shaving his head. Issac raised $300 for the Foundation through My Cause, beating his personal target of $200.

This is the second time that Issac has decided to support our Foundation through this bold initiative, with the youngster shaving his head alongside his dad, Ashraf, back in 2019.

“My uncle passed away from colon cancer a few years ago, and Issac was very close to him,” explained Ashraf. “When I explained what cancer was to Issac, and how it affects people’s lives, he was very curious whether that could affect children too. From that, he decided he wanted to do his part as he felt very empathetic that children could suffer from something so terrible.”

Ashraf shared that Issac took his support for the Foundation even further by spreading awareness amongst his school friends. “Beyond just shaving his head, he also talked about it at his school. He did a ‘show and tell’ to explain to the other kids about leukaemia and his fundraising efforts.”

Shaving your head or cutting your hair is a great way to raise funds for cancer research and it offers a powerful statement of solidarity with those living with cancer. We thank Issac for choosing to support our Foundation in this way, his efforts will go a long way in helping more children live the long and fulfilling lives they deserve.

Want to shave your head for childhood cancer research? We recommend setting up a fundraiser page through My Cause or Facebook!