Harrison’s Story

Andrew and Emma Williams are a brave couple from Mandurah who have battled childhood cancer. Their four-year-old son, Harrison, developed neuroblastoma two years ago. They came close to financial ruin after losing their life savings and were forced to close their two butcher shops in the battle to save Harrison’s life.

Now Harrison is cancer-free and the couple are rebuilding their lives, working together at ‘The Butcher and his Wife’ in the new Mandurah Forum.

“For the last two years it’s been absolutely horrendous but we’ve come out of it really good now,” Emma said.

“Harrison was diagnosed in February 2015 with neuroblastoma and he had a year of pretty intense treatment, lots of surgeries, lots of chemotherapy.”

“Andrew worked different places over the last couple of years, but I must admit it’s been hard and the focus was on Harrison, it wasn’t on anything else.”

Andrew and Emma are dedicated to helping fund childhood cancer research and are raising funds for Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research (Inc.) (CLCRF). Their store, ‘The Butcher and his Wife’ has been raising money for CLCRF by selling packets of sunflower seeds and yellow ribbons through the Sowing the Seeds for Child Cancer Research fundraiser to raise awareness for Childhood Cancer in September.

“We’re going to promote childhood cancer awareness month, which is all of September, and I just want everyone to know that we will be selling ‘seeds of hope’ for $5 and we’re selling gold ribbons for a dollar,” explained Emma.

If you would also like to raise awareness for childhood cancer and help others, like the Williams family, email us now to order your packets of sunflower seeds to sell at schools, clubs or workplaces!