Gaming for a Good Cause

There are many ways to raise money for a charity – whether it be through events, online donations or workplace giving – but CLCRF supporter Ryan has taken fundraising to the next level, through online gaming.

Since early this year, Ryan has been playing the popular multiplayer game Fortnite under the online alias of ExcessiveRage to raise money and awareness for childhood cancer research. He does this by streaming his gameplay on Twitch, a streaming service widely regarded as the online home for video game enthusiasts. The Twitch audience can watch Ryan play Fortnite live and if they like what they see and want to help him support the cause, they can send a donation through his channel to CLCRF.

Ryan’s decision to turn his online gaming into a fundraising initiative stems from his own personal connection with the cause. “Unfortunately like many others, I’ve seen a family member experience childhood cancer and witnessing the treatment broke my heart.” Says Ryan, “So I figured I had to do something to raise awareness and funds to fight it.”

Ryan got the idea from seeing fundraising efforts by streamers in other countries, some of which have been able to raise huge amounts of funds for charities. In fact, last year at a gaming convention, popular streamer Tyler Blevins (aka Ninja) participated in a charity stream that raised over $2million for a Memphis Children’s Research Hospital.

In Australia this is still a relatively new concept that is yet to reach the same level of popularity as in America or other countries. Ryan is the first online gamer using a streaming service to fundraise for CLCRF and he has already raised an incredible total of $311!

As for the future of Ryan and his fundraising initiatives, he hopes to continue streaming through ExcessiveRage to not only raise funds for CLCRF but to also raise awareness for the need for childhood cancer research. One of Ryan’s future goals is to run a stream lasting several hours in order to hit a goal of $5,000 for CLCRF.

“I get a lot of positive feedback when new people come check out the stream.” Says Ryan. “It’s rewarding.”

We think this form of fundraising is extremely exciting and we couldn’t be more appreciative for the innovative way in which Ryan is helping The Foundation.

If you would like to check out Ryan’s stream and help him raise funds for CLCRF, the best way to keep track of when he goes live is through the following social media channels:



You can find Ryan’s Twitch profile, ExcessiveRage, here: