12 Dec

A Flame for Aline – Perth Flash Mob

Venue : Forrest Place
Date : 12-12-2012
Time : 11:00 AM

Perth begins the next Viral Sensation!

When a dear friend unexpectedly and tragically passed away in 2011 because of cancer, Judith Gerardin decided to do something to make a difference in everyone’s lives. Her creativity, spirit and drive led her to begin what is becoming a worldwide project in memory her beloved friend, Aline.

A Flame For Aline

This is now an opportunity to recognise everyone’s “Aline” in their lives and support our local charity, the Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation.

How do we plan to do this, you ask?

By creating a fully choreographed flash mob involving professional dancers and one thousand anonymous dancers with the same motivation as us. We are not the only ones who are excited to be involved!

The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor Lisa-M. Scaffidi is also excited by the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our children and will be participating in the local flash mob. You can too!

Register for the flash mob and you will join the 1000-strong group to learn the moves and ultimately participate in an event which will suspend everyday life for a moment in a local Perth area. To maintain the element of surprise you will receive progressive information and updates.

Another way you can support this project is to register online and supply a photo of your champion. Make a $25 donation to the cause and we will upload your photo to the ”Wall of Remembrance” which will be erected at the flash mob location.

Judith Gerardin, A Flame for Aline founder, has composed and will perform a song for this event. We are also fortunate to have the expertise of Murdoch University students who will be filming and producing this amazing story for us to continue the journey through social media.

Keep the Flame Alive

Once we have achieved the Flash Mob in Perth, Western Australia we will then pass the “Keep the Flame Alive Complete Package” on to the next participating country/city. It is hoped this will keep travelling from country to country. If you can see the bigger picture, then like us, you will see how this could become a world vision that inspires many. All registrations and donations can be made at www.keep-the-flame-alive.com

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Venue : Forrest Place
Date : 12-12-2012
Time : 11:00 AM