Dance for A Cure – Channel 9 News Cross with Lisa Fernandez

To promote Dance for A Cure for 2015, we headed to Forrest Place in the City of Perth to have a live intimate chat with Lisa Fernandez, from Channel 9 Perth. We had some wonderful volunteers who met us in the city, from all across Perth (including Mandurah!) early in the morning to dance on live TV! It was a great way to share the excitement of the upcoming event on 8 November and we received lots of new registrations in the days following.

8:30am LIVE Cross

Here’s the 8:30am LIVE cross from 9 News Perth, we could not be more proud or more excited to see what Perth can bring on the 8th of November! Thanks also to the amazing Lisa Fernandez! Come on everyone, register now!


Love seeing our girls on TV, they loved the whole experience!” – Raquel Willey

7:00am LIVE Cross

Lisa Fernandez is at Forrest Place with Young Ambassador for Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation Inc. Georgia Lowry and the kids and parents taking part in this year’s Dance for A Cure event. Register Now!


Love the new shirts, can’t wait to wear them on the day!” – Jane Donnelly