Cookies Made with Love

Brazilian dentist, Juliana Nogueira, chose to help the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (Inc.) for her Diploma in Leadership and Management course project at TAFE. She decided to hold a cookie fundraiser to raise money for the Foundation. She tells us about the fundraiser below in her own words:

“The initial idea for the Cookie Fundraiser came when I had to choose one Project for my Diploma in Leadership and Management course at TAFE. Since the beginning of the year I wanted to do a volunteer project, so it was the perfect chance for me to put into practice all of my ideas!

I am a Brazilian Dentist and my passion for children meant that I have worked in the past with children with heart disease, also in a volunteer project, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Therefore, I chose Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation (Inc.) (CLCRF) due to its honest and brilliant work regarding Children’s Cancer Research. When I went in person to CLCRF’s office and met Wendy, I felt that I was doing the right thing. Her kindness made me feel so comfortable and well received that gave me more strength to pursue my objective of organizing the Fundraiser.

The Cookie Fundraiser was such a success! One of my team members and I prepared the venue at North Metropolitan TAFE in the event day and before we even finished organizing everything, people were lining up to buy the cookies. In the end, four hours later, we did not ‘just’ sell all the 240 cookies, but also raised more than we expected! The feeling of seeing people’s smiles while stopping to help was indescribable. It was a very special day!! I felt so pleased and happy to see so many people donating their time and money in order to help the Foundation, that this feeling will always stay in my heart …

I would like to thank everyone that helped buy cookies or donated, you definitely did your part!!! I also would like to thank all people involved with the organisation and preparation for the event, including my lecturer, Jo Marshall, and my amazing team members Emma Jefferies and Lydia Stoll! Your contribution was essential to make this event happen so beautifully! Thank you also to Cynthia, Shehan, Patricia and Celso, special people that gave me support and ideas for the event! A special thank you to Woolworths for the sponsorship for the cookies! You provided the best cookies that our event could have had! Last but not least, thank you CLCRF for the trust and for the support!

In life, we have to make things happen. There are so many people, including children needing our help, that we cannot close our eyes to reality. If you feel that you can help someone, no matter how, do it and don’t wait for tomorrow. Time is precious, and each good act is a piece that completes the endless puzzle called love.”

Juliana Nogueira