Say hello to Community Pod

What if your daily coffee indulgence was also good for the environment? What if you could raise money for CLCRF while getting your caffeine hit? Well, now you can.

Say hello to Community Pod – The very first 100% biodegradable coffee pod that will be supporting 1000’s of charities around the globe. Compatible with most pod coffee machines, your morning coffee never looked so good.We are very excited to be part of this amazing initiative!

If you need coffee for your home or workplace please go and order through this amazing initiative! Oh and don’t forget to select the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation Inc. as your charity of choice!

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A little more info

our-coffeeCommunity Pod are not just a company that sells coffee pods and beans; they’re a social enterprise that believes in doing the right thing by both the planet and its people. Community Pod isn’t just great tasting coffee; it’s coffee that gives. Community Pod donates 10 cents from every coffee pod and $3 from every bag of beans that they sell to not-for-profit causes. And because they believe in doing what’s right, you get to choose which organisation receives your donation.

And while other coffee pods are notoriously bad for the planet, they’re committed to keeping their products as environmentally friendly as possible throughout their lifecycle. Not only are the coffee pods recyclable and/or biodegradable, our coffee grounds are turned into innovative mushroom farms.

What is #igiveashot?

#igiveashot is the start of a movement.

Celebrity endorsement and social media helps Community Pod engage, encourage and connect the Community Pod family. It’s a challenge to everybody to think about giving using the charity platform Community Pod provides. We want everyone to share their experience of giving by including #igiveashot in their social media posts – especially those with pictures of them drinking Community Pod coffee!