Coffee club gives charities a daily hit

Most of us rely on a liquid pick-me-up first thing in the morning. But, most of the time, the only feel-good factor is that caffeine hit that subsides well before lunchtime.

Enter Community Pod – a WA coffee supplier that hopes to see not-for-profit groups, schools and charities benefit from the State’s reliance on a morning brew.

The initiative, which launched today, is the brainchild of Perth entrepreneur Mark Grogan and his partner Megan Watson, who wanted to find an easy way for Western Australians to support charity and see how it is being spend. After buying coffee pods or beans through a website, buyers get to choose from a list of charities, which will receive 14 per cent of their payment. Each coffee pod sold will raise 10 cents for charity and each bag of coffee beans will raise $3.

“It’s about creating transparency, a lot of people want to see where their money is going,” Mr Grogan said.

Philanthropist and West Australian of the Year Ros Worthington has backed the project and community groups are being encouraged to add themselves to the list to benefit from the charity dollars. Mr Grogan said, based on the average household’s coffee pod use, each customer could raise $175 a year for charity through the program. Addressing growing concerns over the environmental impacts of coffee pods, the company has also created the country’s first fully-biodegradable pods. The pods can either be composted, recycled with greenwaste.

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News Source: The West Australian – – 1 June 2016
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