CLCRF teams up with The Karalee on Preston for the 2018 Christmas Appeal

What would a Christmas tree be without a few baubles sprinkled throughout it?

CLCRF’s Christmas Appeal has taken the humble ornament to the next level, teaming up with The Karalee on Preston in a unique incentive for patrons to donate.

Visitors to the venue can purchase a Bauble over the bar for any donation amount they choose and then place it on the beautiful Christmas tree.

Donors then fill in their details on the back and CLCRF will collect the Baubles and send receipts out at the end of the Christmas period. It’s that simple!

The Karalee on Preston opened in 1975 and recently won the WA’s Best Casual Dining Pub 2018 award.

CLCRF would like to thank the venue for their continued support of the 2018 Christmas Appeal.