Antonio’s Support for the CLCRF

Antonio Argentieri, a well-known cake decorator from Italy, has been a passionate supporter of the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (Inc.) for several years. In 2017 Antonio organised the 19th National Cake Decorating Seminar in Perth and raised funds for the CLCRF with the help of the Cake Decorators Association of WA.

More recently, Antonio has put together a ‘Cooking Charity Show’ on popular Italian television cooking show, ‘La Prova del Cuoco’ in Italy to raise money for the CLCRF. The show will air on 17-18 July at a bistro called Alla Marino in Italian city, Vasto. The show will be streamed live in Australia, Canada and USA from 5.30pm Italian time. Over two days of fun, the show will feature Italian culinary excellence from Antonio, special guests, his friends and other chefs. The CLCRF will feature during the show and viewers across the world will find out more about the Foundation and the great importance of raising funds for world class child cancer research.

When asked about why Antonio has such a heart for funding child cancer research, he believes that he did not choose the Foundation but it chose him.

“I did not choose the Foundation but the CLCRF, in a sense, chose me. I have been working with the Cake Kids Therapy group where children who have had difficulties in life are taught how to make and decorate cakes. I ‘fell in love at first sight’ with the CLCRF because I really want to give hope to children suffering from cancer.

“No one can know if among these many suffering children there may be a man or woman who will make the difference and build a hopeful future. Together we can put smiles on children’s faces by giving to the CLCRF.”

The Foundation thanks you for your passionate and invaluable support Antonio! We are deeply touched by your love for children going through such a difficult time and your help in promoting the cause of funding child cancer research in Italy and across the world!