A delicious way to support childhood cancer research

We are thrilled to announce that CLCRF has been selected to participate in Grill’d Scarborough’s Local Matters initiative in April!

Each month, in every Grill’d restaurant, there are three Local Matters jars representing three different community groups. With every burger ordered, a token is handed over for customers to drop into the jar of their choice. At the end of the month, $500 is split between the community groups, with the jar with the most tokens receiving a $300 donation and the other two each receiving a $100 donation.

This is an excellent way for the restaurant to give back and support the communities that have always supported them, while getting their customers involved to help make a difference.  We would love your support in receiving the $300 donation! All you need to do is head to Grill’d Scarborough during April and pop your Local Matters token into our jar when you order a burger. We can’t think of a better excuse to treat yourself to a delicious burger next month!