40Waysin40Days to support child cancer research

In the lead up to the 42nd anniversary of the inception of the Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation (CLCRF) on May 21, 2022, The Foundation will share forty inspiring fundraising ideas to stimulate your philanthropic endeavours. This includes everything from the virtual to the sporting, from cake baking to head shaving. We call it, 40Waysin40Days.

It’s an understatement to say that the past two years have been challenging for this digital campaign, originally entitled 40Kin40days. In its launch year of 2020, like most charities experienced, the pandemic and lockdown forced us to go back to the drawing board. The brief hasn’t changed however – that is to create a circle of kindness. This campaign aims to foster awareness of the Foundation’s commitment to ensure the ground-breaking research we fund today will have a positive impact on our children of tomorrow, where no life is cut short by childhood cancers.

During the third iteration of this campaign, we invite our community of cancer fighting superheroes to put the ‘fun’ back into fundraising. Our donors love the classics. Pub quizzes, ‘free dress’ days, extreme sport challenges, and bake sales are all favourites for a reason. But have you considered CLCRF’s other fundraising channels? The Ruby Club, leaving a gift in your Will, volunteering, purchasing branded merchandise and workplace giving all deserve a lot more of our attention.

“To commemorate our inception and to continue our legacy, we are calling on you, our dedicated supporters to consider one of these forty ways of fundraising during the months of April and May to continue to support scientists in their quest to search for answers in cancer medicine. Or, come up with your very own fundraising idea!”

“CLCRF receives limited government funding. Only one per cent of government funding is given to children’s cancer research across Australia. Therefore, your help is crucial in improving CLCRF’s capacity to deliver lifesaving treatments to those in need,” said Kylie Dalton, Head of Development for CLCRF.

Inspired by those amazing one in six hundred Australian children who will develop a cancer before fifteen years of age, our dedicated researchers must continue their important work in understanding children’s leukaemia and cancer.

Kylie continued, “lives are changed forever from the moment of a childhood leukaemia or cancer diagnosis. Why not give one of our 40Waysin40Days a go and fundraise on the Foundation’s behalf, this month to fund projects that will help us find less harsh, more effective treatments.”

We hope you are inspired to fundraise on our behalf during the next forty days and we thank you for your continued support of the Foundation.

Follow along for the next forty days and check out our socials!