Have your own fun run for CLCRF!

In case you missed it, HBF Run for a Reason has regretfully announced their decision to cancel the event that was set to take place on May 24 due to coronavirus fears.

The much-loved community event draws more than 30,000 people annually and many charities, including CLCRF, rely heavily upon the generous donations of these participants. In light of this decision, fundraising pages will remain open, meaning you can still show your support and raise money for the Foundation!

Were you planning on participating at the HBF Run for a Reason this year? Don’t let the cancellation stop you! Why don’t you do your own fun run in your local area? You can still run, walk, jog or roll any distance you want to raise money for a great cause!

Fun runs are a great way to get active and support the community – and you don’t need to be involved in a large event to make this happen! Head to your local park or, if you live in a quiet area and it’s safe to do so, plan a run around your neighbourhood!

This new coronavirus outbreak should be taken seriously and your safety and the safety of the community is paramount! Because of this, we recommend you know the basic protective measures against COVID-19. If you are feeling unwell or have symptoms such as a cough or fever, it is best to stay home and save the run for another time!

As we receive no State or Federal funding, we need your support to continue the ground-breaking research into childhood cancer to ensure future generations can live cancer free.

How to support us through your own fun run:

  • Step 1. Decide the date, distance and location of your fun run.
  • Step 2. Head to our Run for a Reason fundraising page and sign up to create your own supporter page, with Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation as your chosen charity.
  • Step 4. Personalise your page with a profile photo and tell everyone why you’re supporting CLCRF.
  • Step 5. Share your unique supporter page link with everyone you know on social media!

We would love to hear about your fun run for CLCRF! Share any photos with us by tagging us on Facebook, Instagram, or by using the #RunforCLCRF hashtag.

Want to stay updated on the latest information about COVID-19? Head to the World Health Organization website.