World Cancer Day – Together, all of our actions matter

World Cancer Day is a leading international awareness day that takes place every February 4, led by the Union for International Cancer Control.

Created in 2000, World Cancer Day has grown into a positive movement for everyone, everywhere to unite under one voice to face one of our greatest challenges in history. The annual initiative is a powerful reminder that we all have a role to play in reducing the global impact of cancer. This year’s World Cancer Day Theme “I Am and I Will” is all about you and your commitment to act. Here are some simple ways you can take action this World Cancer Day (and every other day):

Join the conversation on social media

The power of social media means that each of us have the opportunity to connect with more and more people about important causes. By sharing your own stories online, you’re helping to create a wider and deeper conversation to help raise awareness.

If you want to join the conversation, tag your posts with the official World Cancer Day hashtags to connect with supporters all around the world – #WorldCancerDay, #IAmAndIWill.

We would love to see your posts too! So be sure to use the #CLCRF hashtag or tag our Facebook page.

Use your voice

We encourage you to use your voice and talk to your family, friends and network about cancer. Whether you talk about cancer in general, talk to someone close to you with cancer, talk about it in the workplace, or talk about your own or your own child’s cancer battle, starting a conversation is a great way to raise awareness and improve outcomes.

Give something

You can take action and show your support by making a donation towards childhood cancer research. By supporting this important research, you can help us in our commitment to ensure future generations of children can live cancer-free.

Your actions – big and small – will make a lasting, positive change. We encourage you all to speak out and stand up for a cancer-free world!

Together, all of our actions matter.