Why COVID-19 affects people like me…

From CLCRF Treasurer, Justin Bruce:

2020 was CLCRF’s 40th Anniversary and, due to the pandemic all the celebratory/ event plans were either put on hold or cancelled.  This certainly gave a lot of people in the childhood cancer community reason to feel a lot of stress, almost some PTSD moments.  This time last year I began to struggle myself as I was forced into isolation for 6 months due to my medical history and compromised immune system.  Forty years after being diagnosed with Leukaemia I was still hiding away from contaminates that could affect my health severely.

In 1980 it was measles, mumps, and chicken pox from other children.  In 2020 it was COVID-19.  It was very surreal and made me think the nightmare will never end for me.  In the 12 months since that day, I have not shaved or cut my hair.  I think it’s time to remove the mane to heal the pain.  As a newly appointed Treasurer for Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation I want to present the image that with more funding great outcomes can happen. Such as me still being here… You all know my story so now it’s time to show your support.  Donate to our latest cause.  Forty years ago I lost my hair twice.  So third time’s the charm.

If you would like to support Justin and make a donation towards childhood cancer research, head to his Facebook donation page!