Saving at the Show with CLCRF

We were recently delighted to offer some of our supporters a wonderful opportunity at this year’s Perth Royal Show, thanks to Lotterywest and the Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia.

Deserving families were invited to the Lotterywest Animal Nursery experience with Farmer Nigel which included free tickets to the show, conveniently located parking, food vouchers and complimentary showbags.

It is no secret that the Perth Royal show can put a big dent in the family budget, so we are grateful we were able to relieve some financial pressure and offer an incredible experience to children who may not have had the chance to attend otherwise.

“We could never have afforded to go to the Royal Show without you,” said Chrissy Roberts, who attended the experience with her daughter and four grandchildren. “We worked out with four food vouchers, $20 parking, three free show bags from the Animal Nursery, and the entry costs for the six of us, we have saved $200 and we are so very grateful.”

We greatly appreciate this opportunity afforded to us by Lotterywest and the Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia. It is wonderful to see these organisations demonstrating social responsibility and supporting the wider community.

The Foundation looks forward to continuing a relationship with these organisations and we hope to be able to provide similar opportunities to our supporters in the future.

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