Tweaking immunotherapy to tackle sarcoma head-on

CLCRF are proud to be working with Sock it to Sarcoma to help fund research into sarcoma at the Telethon Kids Institute.

Sarcoma is a form of cancer that occurs in the bones and soft tissues such as fat and muscle. Despite making up 15-20% of cancers in children, sarcoma is still relatively unknown and under-researched.

Our funding has allowed researchers to develop a way to tweak immunotherapy to allow for more effective treatment for the cancer.

“There is no one else in Australia really doing this therapeutic work…” Says Professor Terry Johns, head of Telethon Kids Cancer Centre.

“The current treatments are also very nasty and aggressive, and if we can improve them so children don’t have to have such horrible chemo-therapy then that would also be useful.”

The Foundation is proud to be helping fund this important research in order to improve the treatment and survival rates for children battling sarcoma.

Donations made to CLCRF will go towards funding important research into childhood cancer and can be made here.