Samantha turns 21!

Yesterday, on November 26, we wished a very happy 21st birthday to Samantha McLaurin, a special girl from Kingsley who had a rough start to life. When she was just 5 months old, Samantha was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma and her parents were unsure if this milestone would ever come.

“We didn’t know if she would even make her 1st birthday,” said Samantha’s mum Dianne. “So it’s a bit of hope for all those parents going through this nightmare as our thoughts are constantly with them.”

Dianne recalls a memory with Samantha’s paediatric surgeon that she will always remember, especially now. Dr Ian Gollow, who has now retired, said to Dianne after she questioned Samantha’s post-surgery scar “If all she has is this scar and turns 21, we’ll take that.”

“And that time has come!” Expressed Dianne. “I’ll never forget that and would love to let him see her all grown up.”

“We are so thankful to everyone involved in saving her life 20 years ago.”

Samantha is doing extremely well and currently works in the West Coast Eagles media department. Like her parents, we hope Samantha’s story will bring hope and support to those families who are currently fighting their own battles with childhood cancer.

There is always hope! By continuing to fund the important research at CLCRF, we can help to ensure that more families are greeted with the same positive outcomes as Samantha and her family. Make a donation today!