RAC Donates Old Mobile Phones

The Foundation recently received a wonderful donation of old mobile phones from Patrick from the RAC Head Office in West Perth. For a few years now, Patrick has been collecting old mobile phones in-house and donating them to CLCRF in order to help raise funds for childhood cancer research.

CLCRF Executive Assistant Katelyn met with Patrick last week to collect his donation and thank him for his generous efforts. Patrick now aims to expand his mobile phone collection to include other RAC offices around Perth.

This is a fantastic initiative by Patrick! Not only is he helping supporting childhood cancer research, but he is also being environmentally responsible. Thanks to the Aussie Recycling Program, these recycled phones are either refurbished or sent for material recycling, where materials can be recovered and put back into productive use.

In exchange for these old mobile phones, the Aussie Recycling Program donates funds to the Foundation, an initiative we look forward to continuing well into the future.

If you are interested in donating your old mobile phone and helping fund important research into childhood cancer, please contact our office on 08 9363 7400.