Never too little to help

Source: Serpentine Jarradale Examiner – Issue 1516 • June 30th 2022 – Page 3
Author: Chris Fowler

Photo credit: Richard Polden

A Year 3 student at Serpentine Primary proved you are “never too little to help,” last Thursday, after a hair cut in front of her entire school helped her raise more than $3000 for children with cancer.

Eight-year-old Emilia took to the stage at a special assembly, where hairdressers cut her golden locks, to be donated for use in wigs for people being treated for cancer.

Alongside the haircut, Emilia, with the help of her Mum, Cara, set up a fundraising page on Facebook, that has so far received 78 donations.

While Cara was proud of her daughter’s initiative, she never expected the bright-eyed humanitarian to raise so much in donations.

“I thought $500 would be lovely to donate – $3375 is just gob smacking,” Cara said. Emilia decided to make her fundraising drive after asking her mother about what happens to people’s hair when they receive treatment for cancer.

“She had seen a couple of friends suffering from cancer and asked me last year what happens to people that lose their hair from having cancer,” Cara said.

“I explained why and that they need to wear a wig and she decided then she would donate her hair.

“Our very close family friend is a childhood cancer survivor, so I thought what better way to support the Foundation that supports her, Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation.”

Emilia was also surprised by the success of her charity work, saying it made fer feel “very happy.”

Family friend Georgia Lowry was on hand to help out at Thursday’s assembly. “I was delighted to be invited to the assembly to be one of the hairdressers, I was most honoured to do that,” Ms Lowry said.

“She was pretty quiet, gorgeous little thing, she’s usually very, very outgoing, but as you would think, being centre of attention and chopping your long locks off, she was a bit nervous.

“She’s just a little legend, she’s an inspiration, to be fundraising and caring about people with cancer, she’s a little superstar,” Ms Lowry said.

Emilia, who enjoys dancing and netball and loves her new haircut, had a message for other youngsters who want to make a difference. “You are never too little to help.”