Kerrin’s #WorldCancerDay Pledge

Today is World Cancer Day, an initiative that encourages everyone to speak out and stand up for a cancer-free future. It is also an important reminder that cancer can affect anyone, even children. CLCRF ambassador Kerrin Hampson is never one to shy away from speaking out about the gruelling disease, her son Marley was diagnosed with leukaemia over a decade ago and is still dealing with the side-effects to this day.

“What can I do?” asks Kerrin. “I can share Marley’s story. Increasing awareness that kids get cancer too is important. Those lucky enough to survive can be left with myriad side effects… or none. It’s a raffle no one wants to win. After 3-and-a-bit years of chemotherapy, Marley is now 7.5 years off treatment. Like many survivors, he will have appointment palooza next week. My wish is for kinder treatments so that others have a future filled with hope. The only way is up from here. I will raise funds for research and better outcomes.”

If you would like to learn more about Kerrin and Marley’s post-treatment story, you can revisit our latest appeal.

To support Kerrin and help us in our commitment to ensure more children can live long and fulfilling lives, make a donation towards childhood cancer research today.