Kade donates pocket money to child cancer research

At the Foundation, we are always in awe of the generosity and kindness of our supporters, especially when they are so young. Recently, we were delighted to receive a $13 pocket money donation from a thoughtful 11-year-old named Kade. Every year, Kade saves a portion of his pocket money and donates it to a cause of his choice in December or early January. For the second year in a row, we are so pleased that Kade has chosen to support CLCRF.

Childhood cancer is a cause close to Kade’s heart as he has a friend who has been battling leukaemia since 2014. His friend went into remission not long after his diagnosis, however, the cancer returned, and he spent more than a year out of school undergoing further treatment.

“This has given Kade a better understanding of leukaemia and the impact that it has on the lives of children and their families,” said Kade’s mum Natalie. “Having seen his friend go through this and miss so much school, sport and other fun activities has been sad for him.”

When a child is battling cancer, it is not only a difficult time for themselves and their family, but it is also hard on their friends. It’s wonderful to see Kade use this as an opportunity to help ensure future generations of children do not have to face the same struggles as his friend.

“We are extremely proud of Kade for making the decision to support this Foundation and for the lessons he has taken from doing so. It has given him an understanding of how tough it is for some children and also of the importance of giving and supporting others in need,” expressed Natalie.

We thank Kade for his generosity and support over the past 2 years. No matter how big or small, every contribution really does help us ensure the ground-breaking research can continue so that future generations can live cancer-free.

“Having watched Kade’s friend and his family deal with the impact of childhood leukaemia has been heartbreaking. No child or family should ever have to go through this,” Natalie said.

Research is vital if children are to have long, healthy, and fulfilling lives. You can help us continue funding this research by making a donation towards CLCRF today.