Justin Langer celebrates 20th year as CLCRF Patron!

This year we are not only celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Foundation, but we are also celebrating Justin Langer’s 20th year as Patron!

With his role as an international sportsman, together with the esteem held by the community at large, Justin has been instrumental in raising awareness for childhood cancer research over the past 20 years.

Justin had an incredible international cricket career, playing 105 Test matches for Australia between 1993 and 2007, scoring 7696 runs and 23 centuries. Justin is now the Head Coach of the Australian Cricket Team, after being appointed the role in May 2018. In recognition of his integrity, humility and extraordinary sporting prowess, Justin was awarded an honorary doctorate by Perth’s Edith Cowan University in 2016.

Justin expressed how the Foundation helped him turn his life around after his career dipped to an all-time low in July 2001, when he was dropped from the Australian side in England. Through the Foundation, he formed close friendships with inspiring children and their families, who epitomised what it meant to fight back.

“In tough times, when I struggled with my form, thoughts of my brave young friends helped get me through,” said Justin. “They really put life in perspective. You only have to spend ten minutes with these kids to see their struggle and to see the pain in their parent’s eyes to realise your own problems aren’t so big.”

Over the years, we have seen Justin show a huge passion for helping the community, families and children. Justin was a huge supporter of our Dance for a Cure events, generously using his profile to publicise it and encourage the community to take part.

Back in 2004, Justin also provided an exceptional amount of help with “Remember Sinead Day”, an event created by 10-year-old Chris Parsons in honour of his dear friend who passed away from leukaemia. Justin personally reached out to schools asking them to take part in the special event and provided encouragement for Chris to keep going. Justin’s devotion was a driving force behind why the event was able to raise over $65,000 in its inaugural year.

Even with Justin becoming increasingly busy and taking on more commitments with his coaching career, he has always remained eager and honoured to be a part of the Foundation through the role of Patron.

Since his initial appointment in 2000, Justin has been a wonderful ambassador for the Foundation and has done so much to help us raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer research. We sincerely value Justin’s longstanding relationship and commitment to CLCRF and we look forward to continuing this relationship for many more years to come!