How to stay connected while social distancing

While we are keeping physically distant, it is more important than ever that we remain socially and emotionally connected. As it’s vital for our mental health and wellbeing, we want to make sure that during this time, you have ways to stay connected to your family, friends, and community, even if you can’t see them in person.

Here are some suggestions of how to stay connected and stick together.

Chat online

Many of us have access to devices that allow us to stay in touch with our family, friends and colleagues online. This is therefore a great place to start! You can use Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp or other social media platforms to check in with others. If you know people that live alone or might be doing it extra tough during this time, be sure to reach out to them with a friendly message and ask them if they are okay.

Try video calling

Most smartphones and computers can make and receive video calls, so that you can see and hear the person you’re talking to. There are plenty of free apps you can use to make video calls including Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom and House Party. If you’re new to video calls, don’t worry – it’s easier than you may think and there are plenty of resources online that can guide you through the process.

Create an online group

Now is a great time to start an online group with your family, your friends, your colleagues or even your street! People can then leave messages or photos in the group, helping you stay connected at any time. Facebook offers a convenient way to create online groups where you can control the members and the level of privacy.

Host a Netflix Party

Are you used to having movie nights with your family and friends? Netflix Party is an exciting new way to watch Netflix with your friends online. The Chrome extension synchronises video playback and adds a group chat to your Netflix, allowing you to link up with friends and host your own long-distance movie nights.

Play online games

Online gaming is a great way to stay connected and have fun with your friends. Whether or not you’re good at video games is beside the point – they can simply be used to meet up, chat and have fun experiences together. There are a range of online games that can be enjoyed by both complete beginners and avid gamers. The majority of games are also kid-friendly, providing a great way for your children to stay in touch with their school friends.

Write letters or postcards

It’s important to remember that technology isn’t the only way to connect with others. Why not pick up a pen and paper and write a message to someone the old-fashioned way? You can get the kids to write a letter or draw a picture for their grandparents, or you can even pop a postcard in the neighbour’s letterbox! Receiving mail is a rare treat these days and is sure to make someone’s day.

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