The Georgia Lowry Project

The Georgia Lowry Project is about giving our Young Ambassador, Georgia Lowry, an opportunity to live her best life while continuing her incredible work of raising awareness for childhood cancer research.

Georgia has been a valued Young Ambassador for our Foundation after she battled a rare and aggressive form of leukaemia at just eight weeks old. We are now thrilled to help create this fantastic opportunity for Georgia to share her story and passion with so many others.

The project supports Georgia into a life best lived. It allows her to travel to regional WA with her beloved horses to speak to other groups, schools and families about the vital work that our Foundation achieves. Combining her passion and talents with horses and her love to travel, we have been able to help offer a truck to suit the project’s purpose.

Georgia’s truck has been modified to allow for horses to be transported and for Georgia to have her own living space. This allows Georgia to be 100% self-sufficient and able to travel all over Western Australia. With the truck wrapped in imagery of Georgia’s journey, it is essentially a moving billboard promoting Georgia’s outstanding work for the Foundation.

We are so grateful to Georgia for her continuous support of our mission to end childhood cancer. Whether it be by talking on our behalf, or just riding her wonderful horses in our colours, she is helping to make a huge difference in the lives of many children. Will you join us in helping her continue sharing our journey, by joining on her journey?

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