Containers for Change turns one

Friday, October 1, marked the first anniversary of the Containers for Change program, which allows people to exchange used drink containers for a ten-cent refund. Since its commencement last year, Western Australians have returned 765 million containers through 253 refund points across WA.

A key feature of the scheme has been the ability for people making container deposits to donate their refunds to community and charitable organisations of their choice. Western Australians have been generous with their refunds, with these organisations having received $2.5 million through the Containers for Change program.

In honour of the anniversary, CLCRF General Manager Kylie Dalton visited the Scouts WA Recycling Depot in Kenwick with Hon Matthew Swinbourn MLC, his wife Glenda and son Mitchell.

“Containers for Change have been a wonderful surprise for our Foundation,” said Kylie. “So many people in WA have really seen the benefits of recycling and support attaching that effort to charity.”

So far, CLCRF has raised approximately $1500 through Containers for Change. “Knowing the generosity of people in WA, we should see that total grow quite quickly,” said Kylie.

Please consider using our scheme ID: C10285275.