Consulate Court Christmas Lights

The residents of Consulate Court, Thornlie once again lit up their houses for Christmas, in turn helping raise almost $20,000 for childhood cancer research!

Each December the residents of Consulate Court ‘light up’ their street to celebrate Christmas and to spread joy amongst the community and the thousands of visitors the street attracts throughout the month.

Residents have been ‘lighting up’ on December 1st each year for the past 28 years. In 2021, nine houses in the Cul-de-sac were lit, including new residents to the street getting into the spirit of the event. The displays were very interactive with musical toys, laser light shows, bubble machines and dancing snowmen all designed for kids and adults alike to leave with a smile on their face!

Decorated homes carried donation collection points for those visitors wishing to show support to CLCRF, the chosen charity partner. The street also hosted special events throughout the month including Christmas Carols, Bake Sales and other events to help raise as much funds for childhood cancer research as possible!

We are still reeling from excitement of being selected as the Consulate Court Christmas Lights charity partner, which led to an almost unbelievable fundraising total of $20,000!

A big thank you to all the houses who got involved, everyone that donated, and our incredible volunteers who got out there to help collect donations throughout the Christmas season.