Connecting in Isolation

Written by Kara Nell

You know… it will be ok. I’m watching the world and in unprecedented, uncertain times I see it destabilises us all. It’s scary times. It’s the unknown. We’re thrown into a world we don’t understand. We’re unsure what the future holds. We have lost our stability, some of us our financial security, some of us are unable to see our loved ones through fear of spreading or catching a virus.

I see it. I’ve lived it before. From someone who knows. From someone who has had their world turned upside down in one moment, who has been thrown into an unknown world. From someone who has lived day after day, week after week, month after month in isolation… it will be ok. It will pass.

You will somehow find your strength, realise the true value of life, realise that those little things, the small moments, they matter. More than you could ever imagine. You will see acts of kindness that will take your breath away. You will understand that we all react differently when life throws us curve balls but really, where is the beauty in life without those differences? You will struggle, cry, face those fears head on. You will be ok.

It’s isolation. It’s not easy. The biggest lesson you could learn, if there’s one thing you realise in these tough times, it’s to count your blessings. There is light to be found in the dark. There are always others who have it so much worse. There is calm and hope when the storm passes. It’s ok if it feels tough, if you’re overwhelmed, frustrated, scared of what the future holds.

Isolation is tough. It will teach you who you are. It will show the world your strengths and weaknesses. You will be you, warts and all. Savour those small moments. Hug your kids, love them. Spend time together. Don’t worry about the curriculum. Don’t compare yourself. Don’t fear time lost. Don’t waste time thinking what you should be doing, how life should be. If you do one thing over the next few months, be in the moment. Connect with your children. Love them. Forgive yourself. Dance. Wrap your arms around your family.

Let this smile remind you…academics, money, wealth…in the end…when everything else is gone…love remains 💚 how lucky are we to spend such quality time with those who mean the most to us? I’d give everything for one more moment with this smile ❤️🎗