CLCRF Patron Justin Langer inspires West Coast Eagles to 4th Premiership with rousing speech

Not only is Justin Langer inspiring our elite level cricketers in his role as the Australian Cricket Head Coach – The CLCRF Patron has helped the West Coast Eagles on their way to their 4th Premiership win by delivering a moving speech.

Coach Adam Simpson opened up on the inspirational speech JL gave which helped turn his side into a premiership force.

Speaking after his side’s five-point victory over the Collingwood Magpies at the MCG, Simpson revealed how a slight change in attitude following the speech from Langer helped win the club a premiership.

“There was something going on with the players (this year), Justin Langer spoke to our group, he spoke about spirit,” Simpson said.

“It was probably the last piece for us from a club point of view. We try to make the club a real sanctuary for the players, they’re under a lot of pressure.

“We changed the attitude a tiny bit and the players have just responded so well and I’m not surprised they did what they did today.”

Langer – The The Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (inc.) Patron – sits on the Eagles’ board and has been a long-term supporter of the club, spoke for 15 minutes last September about spirit, his career and what drove him as a player to perform constantly under the spotlight.

Several of the West Coast Eagles players listened to the speech repeatedly throughout the 2018 season.

CLCRF would like to congratulate the West Coast Eagles on their 2018 AFL Premiership and CLCRF Patron Justin Langer for his words of wisdom to carry the players over the line.