Chelsea’s chop for children with cancer

Friend of the Foundation, Chelsea Seymour, has raised over $700 for CLCRF by growing and subsequently cutting her luscious locks. Chelsea created a Just Giving Page where she invited her family and friends to support her initiative by donating towards childhood cancer research. Chelsea shared with us the two main reasons why she decided to support our Foundation in particular.

“Firstly, my two sisters-in-law have strong ties to the Foundation, and I have seen firsthand the incredible work this charity does,” explained Chelsea. “Secondly, with two children of my own, I can only imagine what the families affected by childhood cancer have to go through, so I wanted to do something, anything, practical to show my support.”

This way of fundraising was new to Chelsea, explaining that she has never cut her hair for a cause before. “I had relatively long hair about a year ago and just decided to keep it growing so I could donate a good length of it to Sustainable Salons for those who had lost or couldn’t grow their own hair for medical reasons”, said Chelsea. Sustainable Salons is a social enterprise that helps hair salons reduce their impact on the planet and invest in local communities. “It was a fairly passive way to fundraise really, but my gosh the shampoo and conditioner budget was eye-watering!”

Chelsea daringly said goodbye to the literal (and perhaps figurative) weight on her shoulders and we truly thank her. Committing to the chop in order to help make a positive difference in the lives of children with cancer, as well as others who are unable to grow their own hair is a commendable effort. We must also acknowledge her generous family and friends who helped her achieve a sizeable sum of $715.

“I had no idea how people would get behind it. I thought that people might throw a few dollars towards the endeavour, but when it was made clear I was fundraising for the Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation, they were so generous,” expressed Chelsea. “The amount raised was an effort from just my family and friends and I’m so grateful they got behind it like they did.”