Riders excited for 2020 trek

Source: Bunbury Mail – September 30 2020 – 10:29AM

WA’s premier charity bike ride is back for its 18th anniversary when 15 riders take to the road on October 11.

The trek will see the riders travel 600 kilometres from Perth to Augusta in the hope of raising $40,000 for the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (CLCRF). After cycling through some WA’s most spectacular roads the riders will finish in August on October 17.


South West Trek to raise money for childhood cancer

Source: Busselton Dunsborough Mail – September 30 2020 – 10:29AM

WA’s premier charity bike ride is back for its 18th anniversary when 15 riders take to the road on October 11.

The trek will see the riders travel 600 kilometres from Perth to Augusta in the hope of raising $40,000 for the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (CLCRF). After cycling through some WA’s most spectacular roads the riders will finish in August on October 17.

The event has been organised once again by South West Bike Trek coordinator and foundation member Eric Maddock, with the help of local Lions and Rotary Clubs. There are a range of riders from Mandurah, Harvey and Bunbury taking on the challenge.


WA charity bike ride hopes to raise $40,000 for Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation

Source: MICEBTN – Wednesday 23 September 2020

Western Australia’s charity bike ride is back for its 18th anniversary, with 15 riders set to make the epic 600km journey from Perth to Augusta in the hope of raising $40,000 for the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (CLCRF).
This year’s trek will begin on Sunday, 11 October from Sir James Mitchell Park, South Perth foreshore, with riders travelling across some of the most spectacular roads in WA before winding up in Augusta on Saturday, 17 October.


Well-deserved praise for CLCRF volunteer!

Long-time supporters of CLCRF may have seen Jonelle volunteer at one of our many events over the years. She has been a very loyal supporter of the Foundation, and, during our 40kin40days campaign, we were thrilled to see Jonelle receive the praise and attention she deserves.

With a number of extremely heartfelt and moving nominations, Jonelle was chosen as the very deserving winner of a brand-new trailer full of half a tonne of firewood. This incredible gift was kindly donated by GT Fabrications and Giovanetti Firewood Bunbury.

Each nominator commended Jonelle as an amazing and strong woman who has experienced her fair share of adversity. Jonelle lost her husband to pancreatic cancer 3 years ago and has been raising her two teenaged children alone. Jonelle’s youngest child is autistic and requires continuous attention and she is also a constant support for her mum, helping her with many of her daily chores.

“She is a selfless person that gives endlessly to others,” said one nominator. “She is dedicated to her family and friends and is constantly giving to others and receiving very little for herself.”

“I admire her strength and courage and the hard work she does for her family,” said Jonelle’s sister. “She gives her all and I think it’s time someone gave to her because she never treats herself.”

Reading through the nominations, it was not only apparent that Jonelle deserved a gift, but it also became obvious that this was well and truly the perfect gift for her.

“She does all the jobs around the house, continuing to do renos on her own, building brick walls, fences, tiling bathrooms and gathering firewood every winter in an old rusty trailer that is about to have the base full through,” said Kristy.

“Her trailer is now in a total state of disrepair and is almost unable to transport goods to and from her house… she is too proud to ask and unable to pay for help,” said another nominator.

We are so excited to be able to provide Jonelle with a new trailer and see her get the recognition she deserves. It is stories like Jonelle’s that has made our 40kin40days campaign such a success, where the main goal was to spread kindness and bring joy to those who could really use it.

Include a Charity Week

It’s Include a Charity Week! This week, all Australians are encouraged to consider leaving a charitable gift in their Will to help their favourite causes beyond their lifetime.

Having an updated Will is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. Not only will it legally protect your loved ones and assets, but it also outlines exactly how you would like things handled when you’re gone.

In your Will, you can choose to leave a specific gift to the people and charities who matter most to you. By leaving a gift to a charity in your Will, you can rest easy knowing you will be generously helping to make a positive difference and lasting impact in the community.

If you decide to leave a gift to charity, we hope you will consider us! Leaving even just 1% of your estate as a gift to CLCRF will help us to continue the vital scientific research into childhood cancers well into the future.

For more information on how you can help the Foundation in this way, head to our Leave a Gift in Your Will page.

Don’t have a Will yet? As a supporter of CLCRF, you can get 50% off your bespoke Will through Safewill. Safewill makes it extremely easy and affordable for all Australians to write their own Will online, guided by tips from legal advisers. Simply head here to get started!

South Yunderup great-grandmother to ride 600km for children’s charity

Source: Mandurah Mail: Sept 8 2020: 2:58pm
Author: Justin Rake

She’s conquered depression, and now she’s out to conquer the physical world. She’s 81-year-old great-grandmother Paula Prynne of South Yunderup, and her story is nothing short of an inspiration. Next month Paula will ride her bike across a 600-kilometre journey from Perth to Augusta as part of the South West Bike Trek, raising funds for children’s cancer research.


It’s never been easier or cheaper to write your own Will!

Making a Will has traditionally been too expensive, complicated or time-consuming for most people. Thanks to Safewill, this is no longer the case!

Safewill makes it extremely easy and affordable for all Australians to write their own Will online, guided by tips from legal advisers. Designed with the user at its core, the platform uses modern design and technology to make the whole process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

The Will documents through Safewill were created in collaboration with one of Australia’s most-trusted law firms and they are regularly updated by an in-house legal team. So, you can rest assured knowing you will be following all current legal requirements when writing your Will.

As a supporter of CLCRF, we are thrilled to be able to offer you 50% off your bespoke Will through Safewill during the month of September! This means you can write your own individual Will for just $95, instead of the usual $190.

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A mother’s plea for childhood cancer awareness

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and no one knows more about the importance of raising awareness for the gruelling disease than the families who have been personally affected by it.

Kerrin Hampson is a mother that knows the struggles of childhood cancer all too well, with her son Marley being diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia when he was just 15 months old. Because of her family’s experience, Kerrin is now an ambassador for the Foundation and is passionate about raising awareness for the disease and the need to find better treatments.

“Raising awareness is like stacking dominoes and knocking them down. Each one hitting the next, hopefully gaining momentum,” said Kerrin. “I had lived an entire life without knowing a child who had cancer…and then Marley. I had zero awareness.”READ MORE

How you can raise awareness for childhood cancer this September

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a time to shine a spotlight on the gruelling disease and the need to improve diagnosis, treatment and outcomes.

More children die from cancer than any other disease in Australia. As we receive no government funding, we rely on the community to help us continue funding the scientific research that will help so many Australian families. Here are just some of the ways you can get involved and help us raise awareness for childhood cancer research this September…


Buy a gold ribbon or sunflower seeds

With gold being the international colour of childhood cancer awareness, you can help show your support by going gold! You can purchase a gold ribbon or sunflower seeds from our office at 3/100 Hay Street, Subiaco WA 6008.

A gold ribbon can be purchased with a gold coin donation or you can grab a packet of sunflower seeds, which includes a gold ribbon, for just $5.


Sell our merchandise

A great way to support childhood cancer research is by selling gold ribbons, sunflower seeds or other merchandise from CLCRF at your school, office or community group. If you want to learn more about what merchandise we have on offer or, if you would like us to post some out to you, send us an email today!


Include Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in your work newsletter

If your workplace sends out regular newsletters, we would love it if you considered including an article about Childhood Cancer Awareness Month this September. We are more than happy to help write this for you! Simply send us an email.


Share posts Childhood Cancer Awareness Month on your social media

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where we will be sharing relevant information about childhood cancer all throughout September and beyond. You can help us get the message out by sharing our posts to your friends and family.

We have also created some Facebook Profile Picture Frames you can use to help us spread the word!


Create your own fundraising event

If it is safe to do so where you live, why don’t you host your own fundraising event this September? Some potential fundraising ideas include a morning tea at your workplace, a quiz night, sausage sizzle or a high tea. Please contact us with your fundraising ideas so we can help you in any way we can! Simply send us an email or call our office on (08) 9363 7400.


Share your story about childhood cancer!

Sharing your own story about your experience with childhood cancer is a powerful way to raise awareness. Your story can help in many ways. Not only will it help educate people not affected by childhood cancer, it will also help other families know that they are not alone.

If you decided to share your story on social media, we would love to hear it! Make sure you tag our Facebook page or use the #CLCRF hashtag.

We hope you will consider helping us raise awareness for childhood cancer research during the month of September. Your support is so vital for us to continue our important work, to ensure more children can go on to live the lives they deserve.

Fat Bike goes to family who wheelie deserves it

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the whole family suffers. During our recent 40kin40days campaign, we were introduced to the Anderson family, and learnt first-hand how the gruelling disease can be especially difficult for a child’s siblings.

Dan Anderson kindly shared with us the story about how his 10-year-old son Aiden has been affected by his sister Ivy’s cancer diagnosis, hoping to bring him some joy by winning him a well-deserved gift.

Ivy was diagnosed with Leukaemia in late May, just five days before her 7th birthday. Understandably, Aiden has struggled to come to terms with how his and his family’s life has been turned upside down as a result.

“Aiden appears to bottle things up inside and chooses to distract himself with other activities in these times, but his quietness lets us know he is feeling sad, overwhelmed, or something,” said Dan. “His mum and I talk to him often about his little sister and how things are progressing and what to expect, however he rarely shares with us how that makes him feel, at least openly anyway.”

Dan and his wife recently found out from the mother of one of Aiden’s school friends that Aiden had been talking to his best friends about how his sister’s illness is making him feel. “It was described that he was very sad,” said Dan. “He stated to them that he was depressed and that although he loved school, he no longer wished to attend, instead wanting to be home-schooled so he could be with his family.”

“I think he is extremely worried about his little sister and he is hurting inside but does his very best just to plod along and deal with each day as it comes.”

Despite it being a confusing and difficult time for Aiden, Dan has described his son as a very kind and caring boy. “He really goes out of his way to do the right thing and help others, considering their needs, wants and feelings before his own.”

“I am extremely proud of him and the written and verbal feedback we receive consistently about him brings tears of joy and pride to both his Mum and I. Aiden is doing it a bit tough at the moment we feel, we just hope that he has the means and opportunity to let his feelings out so that he can get through this time with us in the best possible way.”

Dan nominated Aiden to win a Teng Tools Fat Bike, generously donated to us from our friends at Toolmart. We received a lot of wonderful nominations for this gift but, after reading this touching story, the decision to reward Aiden with the gift was an easy one to make.

Our heart goes out to Aiden and all of the children out there who have a sibling battling cancer. We know it’s a hard time for the whole family, but it is important to stay strong and keep hope.

We thank Dan for sharing his family’s story and send our love and well wishes to both Ivy and Aiden. We hope the Fat Bike will help bring some much-needed happiness into the Anderson family’s life.



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