Cannington students donate their mobile phones to support CLCRF

In September 2018, students at the Cannington Community Education Support Centre generously donated their old mobile phones to the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (CLCRF) as part of their community engagement and responsibility activities. The students managed to accumulate 29 mobile phones, which they personally dropped off to the CLCRF office.

Not only is recycling old mobile phones environmentally and socially responsible but by donating them to CLCRF, the students have helped to support essential research into childhood cancers. This initiative is made possible through the Aussie Recycling Program (ARP), who donate funds to the Foundation in exchange for receiving old mobile phones.

Mobile phone donations contribute to the optimum recycling solution of re-use, as the recycled phones are either refurbished or sent for material recycling, where materials can be recovered and put back into productive use. This follows the ARP’s environmentally conscious policy to guarantee zero landfill.

CLCRF would like to thank the students of Cannington Community Education Centre for their kind donations and for helping to raise awareness for the Foundation.