Book Sale for Child Cancer Research

Alison was inspired by the story of Finlay Higgs and his family. Four-year-old Finlay has been battling Hepatoblastoma, a rare form of liver cancer, since the age of two. When she heard about Finlay and his story, she was filled with compassion for the Higgs family as her own mother had come through a fight with cancer.

Inspired with her mother’s journey, Alison has been hosting a private afternoon tea and book sale at her home for family and friends aimed at raising money for cancer research for the previous three years. For 2017, she decided to raise funds through the book sale to go towards the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (Inc.) (CLCRF).

“I was inspired by the Higgs family, who drew my awareness to the lack of funding for paediatric cancer research,” explained Alison.

Alison’s generous family and friends donated books and made food for the event on 4 November.

“Every year I have met new people, who have shared their own stories of how cancer has touched their life, and that has been the driving force to continue – the hope that every dollar will make a difference and to acknowledge and support people affected by cancer,” she said.

The book sale was very successful and nearly $900 was raised for the CLCRF!

Thank you Alison, your friends and family for your generous effort and donation to the CLCRF! We are very touched by your love and compassion for children and families bravely fighting cancer. The money raised will go towards much-needed child cancer research.