Beyond Bank rewards CLCRF

Thanks to our supporters, CLCRF has received a donation of $1649.21 from Beyond Bank, as part of their Beyond Bank Community Reward Program. Through the Community Reward Program, Beyond Bank is donating back a share of over $520,000 to hundreds of grassroots groups and charities across Australia.

This program is an exciting and unique way for supporters of the Foundation to contribute to childhood cancer research just by having a savings account with Beyond Bank. With a Community Reward Account, you can save your money and in return CLCRF receives a Community Reward Payment, based on the combined average annual balances of all supporter’s savings. Basically, the more you save, the more Beyond Bank will donate towards CLCRF.

A Beyond Bank Community Reward Account has many key benefits. There are no costs or monthly account-keeping fees, there are great interest rates, and you can conveniently access your account online on your phone 24/7.

So start saving and let Beyond Bank do the giving! Open a Community Reward Account today.