A fine donation from Thornlie Bowling Club

For many years, CLCRF has received the generous support of the Thornlie Bowling Club. This year was no exception with the Club donating $860 towards childhood cancer research.

“At every bowling event, we have a fines session where we normally charge $1 per fine,” said Trevor Drummond, Thornlie Bowling Club Director. “These included fines for wrong bias, no names on a score card, not wearing the correct uniform, and anything else the fines master of the day could dream up.”

All funds raised through these fines were put in a donation tin that came directly to CLCRF. “Everyone was happy to see their fines go towards such an important cause,” expressed Trevor.

We would like to thank the Thornlie Bowling Club for their incredible support over the years. We also thank the bowlers who willingly paid their fines to our Foundation to help support the important research into childhood cancers.